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Sleep Aides You’ve Never Thought of Before

Dec 10, 2018

Can’t sleep? There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank, dark ceiling as the hands of the clock tick by relentlessly and you get no sleep. There’s no REM cycle for you, there are no dreams that you can remember and laugh about tomorrow, there’s no rest. It’s not even that you’re not tired, either. You are tired. Tired of waking up at 3 AM like someone out of a horror movie, except what’s worse is there is no entity waiting for you in the corner. You’re tired of waking up feeling completely unrested and having to go in and get things done at work despite your terrible night’s sleep. You’re tired of not sleeping as much as you need. What if the solution wasn’t Xanax or another pill that if you get up to pee in the middle of the night you’re guaranteed to pass out and possibly hit your head on the way down? We’ve collected a wide variety of unique approaches to helping you sleep longer and fall asleep faster. Sleep Restriction It sounds as rough as it is. Sleep restriction is actually a form of “cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia.” The idea is that if you lie awake in bed for three of the eight hours you were trying to sleep, it’s pointless. Might as well only let yourself lie in bed for five hours. The resulting tiredness the next day should be exasperated by repeating the process for a couple of night. The following exhaustion…

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What Does Taking CBD Oil Feel Like?

Nov 10, 2018

CBD oil is a hemp derivative product that has produced quite a response from the general public. Many folks claim to have seen improvements in their mood and other behavioral improvements that presumably have enhanced their way of life while taking supplements. Trying to explore a product that has just been opened to studies and scientific research can seem daunting. There are many claims that CBD oil merchants make about their product, but few describe what it feels like to use the product. After all, nearly anything you ingest is about the experience of having it in your system, rather than the taste it leaves on your tongue. CBD Does Not Interrupt Your Daily Life Just because CBD is the partner chemical of THC in marijuana, does not mean it leaves you feeling anything like you would when you’re high. In fact, the intoxicating agents present in marijuana are solely confined to the THC element of the product. Since CBD is an isolated chemical that has very low amounts of the THC chemical present in any representation of the formula, you won’t get that uncomfortably high or relaxed feeling that you do when you smoke pot from CBD oil. In general, CBD users actually report enhanced performance on a day-to-day basis when on a CBD regimen. CBD has some supported reviews that claim you may feel the effects in the form of improved attention span and feelings of alertness. It may also be able to alleviate some symptoms of  minor…

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