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Pet CBD Tinctures & Chews

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The Palm Organix™ CBD Oil pet line was carefully formulated by veterinarians. Our CBD Pet Tinctures and CBD Pet Chews may help support and promote your furry friends health and wellness. The CBD Oil Pet formula is THC Free and ideal for your dog or cat. The CBD Pet Tinctures have no flavor while the CBD Pet Chews have a tasty, dog approved beef flavor. Recommended dosage is 2-4mg of CBD per 25 pounds of pet.

CBD for Pets

For a lot of us, our pets are family. Since we consider them a part of our family, it’s essential to treat them well, nourish them correctly, and ensure their bodies are getting everything they need. After all, they can’t tell us themselves! (Unfortunately.) Because of this, many pet owners have started looking into the benefits of using CBD for pets. With this, we’re all curious: is pet CBD safe? How does it work? Where do you even find trustworthy pet CBD products? 

If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, don’t worry! You’re not the only one. That’s precisely why Palm Organix has come together to craft our own line of pet CBD products. These are products that you can not only trust, but they’re products your furry friend will absolutely love, too. What more could you ask for?

Exploring CBD for Pets

The world of CBD for pets may be new and somewhat scary for pet owners. But, it shouldn’t be! As an all-natural substance derived from the hemp plant, there’s nothing to be concerned about with cannabidiol. In fact, it’s proven incredibly beneficial for animals, especially pets like dogs and cats. 

Just like humans, animals also have endocannabinoid systems within their bodies. This means that they are just as susceptible (usually more) to CBD products as we are. When consumed, the CBD travels throughout the body and works with your pet’s endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid receptors to see where support is needed. 

In pets, CBD can target various conditions and complications. Typically, many pet owners have found success in using CBD to help with joint pain and discomfort. Especially in older animals, it can be risky to provide them with prescription medications simply because of the side effects. Thankfully, CBD’s natural properties do not demonstrate severe side effects, making it an excellent option for worried pet parents. 

Others find that CBD works beautifully to help their pets with anxiety along with muscle and joint pain. Separation anxiety is pervasive in both dogs and cats, and it can be challenging to manage if you don’t know where to start. Thankfully, CBD’s helpful anti-anxiety properties can give your furry friends an extra dose of calm and support, alleviating at least some of that constant worry. For a pet parent, this can do wonders for your own anxiety, too. 

Everything to Know About Pet CBD

As impressive as CBD oil for pets can be, it’s important to remember that it may not work for every single pet out there. Just like us, your pets will react differently to different substances. You can think of the CBD similarly to a vitamin or medication that you’re giving your pet — some work and some don’t! The best way to see if your pet benefits from CBD is to try it out.

When giving your pets CBD, making sure they’re comfortable is vital. Since you’re giving them a substance they aren’t used to, you always want to start with a low dose first. Beginning with as small as 2 or 5 mg. can be ideal, depending on the size of your animal. (The bigger the pet, the bigger the first dose). After you see how they react to this dosage of CBD, you can adjust it accordingly. 

Palm Organix Pet CBD

Okay, now that we’ve talked a bunch about pet CBD and the exciting properties it offers, let’s talk about our pet CBD products. 

Palm Organix™ CBD oil for dogs and cats is composed of hemp-derived CBD extract and beneficial MCT oil as the carrier oil. Our CBD oil drops are unflavored and are available in a 250 mg CBD bottle. Our dog chews have 2 mg of CBD per treat, and there are 30 treats per jar. Enjoy extra savings when purchasing our Pet CBD bundle. These products are purrrfect for your fur babies.

Our CBD oil for pets contains the same formula as our human products — they are just unflavored. Pet CBD oil can be given directly to your pet or added to their meal. Cat and dog ownership is a special relationship, and Palm Organix is here to help keep your furry family member feeling his or her best. If you are looking to start a wellness regime with CBD for pets, Palm Organix has you covered.

Palm Organix™ Pet CBD includes:

  • Broad-Spectrum Cannabidiol CBD: We use only organically grown hemp plants farmed in the United States. Our hemp is processed in a GMP-certified facility using the CO2 extraction method. Our THC Free hemp products, specifically our CBD for pets, are ideal for animals. It is important to note that full spectrum CBD oils are compliant with the 2018 farm bill but will have trace amounts of THC in their hemp products. Superior broad-spectrum products are most often a better choice for pets.
  • Third-Party Tested: All Palm Organix products are sent out for third-party lab testing to ensure they are free from chemicals, pesticides, molds, and THC. Lab test results are posted on our website as well as accessible from the QR code on the bottle label.
  • Highest Quality CBD: Our pet line contains only natural broad-spectrum hemp plant-derived CBD. Our simple, pure CBD oil and treats are gluten-free, non-gmo, cruelty-free, and vegan. All pet products contain a concentration of CBD tailored for animals. Explore the health benefits of starting a CBD regime for your pet.
  • Customer Service: Team CBD is available M-F, 9 am-5 pm EST to answer any questions on pets CBD. We offer free shipping on all orders via USPS first class mail. Dog owners and cat owners alike can feel good knowing all products have a 30-day money-back return policy.

It’s hard to ignore the incredible benefits and value that our CBD pet products offer. After all, it is some of the best CBD for dogs and cats on the market! And if you don’t trust us, just as your furry friend! 

Best CBD for Dogs

Finding the right CBD tincture for dogs isn’t always easy. Right now, there are so many products on the market that claim pure, quality ingredients but don’t follow through on their promise. However, that’s simply not the case with Palm Organix.

Palm Organix offers some of the best CBD for dogs out there. By double-checking our third-party lab-test results, you’ll see just how pure these tinctures really are. With this, you don’t have to sit there and worry about what you’re giving your pup — the ingredients and extraction methods are all accessible and ready for you to read. 

No matter what kind of dog you have or what size your four-legged friend might be, Palm Organix has the perfect product for them. Take the time to determine what your pup needs and how much CBD they may benefit from. Of course, always start with a low dose regardless, but it’s important to gauge whether you think they’ll need something mild or extra-potent. And, if you have questions, that’s why Palm Organix is here! 

If you’re interested in giving your pup the best CBD for dogs out there, look no further. Palm Organix has you and your furry friends covered. 

CBD for Pets & The Palm Organix Promise

At Palm Organix, we understand how important it is to treat your dogs and cats like family members. That’s why we’ve crafted our CBD for pets — so you can continue living your life with your best four-legged friend right by your side. We specifically design these products with your pet’s health and wellness in mind, and that’s the Palm Organix promise. 

Above, you’ll find all the CBD pet products you could want for your dog and cat. Once you find the perfect product, place an order through our site,full-spectrum and we’ll handle your CBD pet products with care. Then, before you know it, the best CBD for dogs and cats will be waiting for you (and your furry friend) right at your front door. Soon, your pet will be acting like their younger selves again — and you’ll be happier than ever. 


  1. Brenda


    Love these products

  2. Lindsay


    love the pet CBD really helps with both my dogs

  3. Sylvia


    This pet bundle is great, my dog loves the treats, and I add the oil to her food every day. She has been so much calmer since starting on Palm Organix

  4. Alex


    These chews work great, they help keep my dog calm whenever I have to leave him home alone.

  5. Frank


    My dog loves these treats, and I have really seen and improvement in his day to day activities, especially going up and down stairs

  6. Todd


    This pet oil is great, has really helped improve my dogs mobility, he is 14, and make me so happy that he is feeling better.

  7. Kim B

    Kim B

    My vet recommended Palm Organix for my over anxious yorkie, and I have been very happy with the results

  8. Tim


    These treats work great when I have to bring my dog in the car, he is definitely calmer than with out them

  9. Dave V

    Dave V

    Started using this for my 9 year old lab, and I definitely see improvement in his ability to move around

  10. Barb J

    Barb J

    My pup is small, so I use small amounts, only one or two of these a day has been working keep him more mellow

  11. Casey T

    Casey T

    I add this to my cats food and she doesn't even realize it, but she has definitely been calmer

  12. Mike W

    Mike W

    My dog loves these, we go through 2 jars a month

  13. Natalie D

    Natalie D (verified owner)

    Palm Organix is a must have. I use many of their CBD products, for both me and my dogs. The CBD tinctures work great for me, and the chews for my dog, Highly recommend.

  14. Natalie D

    Natalie D (verified owner)

    Palm Organix is a must have. I use many of their products, for both me and my dogs. Highly recommend.

  15. Sarah H

    Sarah H

    These guys are the best! The owners couldn’t be sweeter and everyone is so knowledgeable. I use the oil and it works wonders. Their dog treats work wonders (I have an 85lb gentle giant who is afraid of everything) and just one or two treats helps ease his horrible fear of thunder. Best place in the county for CBD products

  16. Sarah H

    Sarah H

    These guys are the best! The owners couldn’t be sweeter and everyone is so knowledgeable. I use the oil and it works wonders. Their dog treats work wonders (I have an 85lb gentle giant who is afraid of everything) and just one or two treats helps ease his horrible fear of thunder. Best place in the county for CBD products

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What other information can you provide on your CBD products?

How long does it take to receive my CBD product?


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