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Palm Organix™ CBD Energy drink mix with caffeine gives you the strength and vitality needed for physical and mental activity. Our CBD Energy drinks are perfect for a pre-workout boost or a mid-afternoon pick me up. Mix 1 packet of CBD Energy drink wix with 12-24 ounces of cold water to enjoy the delightful berry CBD energy drink throughout the day. Each CBD energy drink contains 12.5mg of broad spectrum CBD plus 75mg of caffeine.
Palm Organix™ CBD Energy drink mix with caffeine gives you the strength and vitality needed for physical and mental activity. Our CBD Energy drinks are perfect for a pre-workout boost or a mid-afternoon pick me up. Mix 1 packet of CBD Energy drink wix with 12-24 ounces of cold water to enjoy the delightful berry CBD energy drink throughout the day. Each CBD energy drink contains 12.5mg of broad spectrum CBD plus 75mg of caffeine.

CBD Drinks

The CBD industry is flourishing now more than ever, and Palm Organix stays evolving just as quickly as the market does. Along with CBD oils, edibles, and topicals, now, we’ve also got CBD drinks to nourish your body with. These CBD drinks may be somewhat new to the world of cannabidiol, but they’re taking the industry by storm. But, why? What’s so special about CBD drinks, and how do you even enjoy them?

Defining CBD Drinks

CBD drinks are just as they sound: beverages infused with CBD! These drinks taste and look just like your typical drink, but they contain varying amounts of cannabidiol to help give your body an extra boost of support. 

Like CBD edibles, CBD drinks take a little bit of time to work in the body, as you must first digest them. Once the drinks have fully broken down, you’ll start to experience effects in no time. Sipping on a CBD beverage is a beautiful way to get small doses of CBD over a more extended period of time. Not only will you prolong the effects, but you’re able to enjoy your tasty drink all afternoon. 

CBD drinks are tough to craft simply because of their composition. In general, cannabinoids like CBD are not water-soluble but fat-soluble, instead. Having this sort of solubility means that CBD doesn’t break down when exposed to water, but it does when it comes in contact with fat. Thus, mixing CBD into the water just creates a separated, not-so-enjoyable “mixture” — think oil and water. 

Because of this, brands like us here at Palm Organix must get creative with our CBD beverages, making sure they’re both delicious and easily blended. By using our specially crafted CBD formula and a team of CBD experts, we believe in having perfected the CBD energy drink. 

So, what are Palm Organix CBD drinks like?

Palm Organix CBD Drinks

Palm Organix™ CBD powder mix packets contain 12.5mg of phytocannabinoid-rich CBD hemp extract plus a blend of amino acids, vitamins, and 75mg of caffeine. CBD drinks are great for pre and post-workout, for that mid-day slump, or just a boost of energy any time of day. Our CBD drinks are designed to help improve your energy and focus.

The blend of caffeine and CBD is a wonderful one that can be an excellent substitute for those who enjoy coffee a little too much. If you find that coffee in the morning makes you too jittery, but you still need some energy, CBD and caffeine may be your solution. The caffeine is still there to pep you up, but the CBD works to calm your body’s response, alleviating the shakiness and post-joe jitters that coffee so frequently brings. Nice, right?

You can add the delicious berry flavor mix to your water bottle, or you can blend it with yogurt and fruit for a CBD-infused smoothie. Other CBD beverages you can make with our CBD drink powder mix are:

  • CBD hemp soda – add half a pack of our CBD mix to a glass of sparkling water for a sparkling CBD seltzer
  • CBD Water – add a quarter of our CBD mix to spring water for a mild fruity CBD water.
  • CBD cocktail – add an entire pack of our CBD drink mix to Sangria for a great CBD-infused adult beverage.

Each CBD Drink box contains five Palm Organix™ CBD infused drink mix packets. Not to mention, these drink packets are incredibly easy to use, and you can bring them with you everywhere you go — whether you’re at work, the gym, or relaxing at home. Great for on-the-go hydration and energy, it's a win-win situation when you have our CBD drinks in tow.

What Makes Palm Organix CBD Drinks Better Than the Rest?

As we mentioned, the CBD market is currently flooded with CBD products. So, how can you tell that Palm Organix’s CBD drinks are better than the rest? Well, we’ve got a lot of reasons. 

At Palm Organix™, we are proud to offer the highest quality premium CBD, which includes:

  • Broad-Spectrum CBD: Our CBD Drink mix is carefully crafted with only the finest quality, broad-spectrum water-soluble CBD. Water-soluble CBD means that each CBD drink packet contains the multiple beneficial cannabinoids of hemp extract, which work together to produce an entourage effect. Additionally and importantly, broad-spectrum CBD Drink products do not contain THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.
  • Lab Tested CBD: All Palm Organix™ products have Certificates of Quality Assurance from our supplier. We then send each and every CBD product batch out for third-party lab testing to ensure our CBD products are consistent in CBD content and are free from harmful pesticides, molds, or chemicals.
  • Best CBD Guarantee: Palm Organix™ is so confident in our premium quality products that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases. Simply return your purchase within 30 days for a full refund.
  • Shipped for Free: Every order, every purchase ships for free in the United States. There is no minimum purchase required.

Elements like these demonstrate that the best CBD drinks on the market go to the team at Palm Organix. From product to customer service and third-party lab-test results, we have everything you need to purchase with confidence. After all, quality and transparency are some of our most significant values. Simply put, we want you to trust Palm Organix as much as Palm Organix believes in the beauty of the hemp plant. 

How to Enjoy The Best CBD Drinks

When you choose to enjoy your new Palm Organix energy drinks are entirely up to you. However, we’d highly recommend starting your day with these deliciously infused drinks, or once you feel yourself begin to slow down. We design these drinks to help give you a boost of whatever you may need during your busy lifestyle, so if you feel the time is right for a CBD drink, go for it!

Though we mentioned it earlier, when enjoying CBD beverages, it’s important to be patient. Again, you have to wait for the beverage to digest within your body before the cannabinoids can actually get to work. Once you digest the drink and the CBD travels throughout the bloodstream, then you will begin to truly notice results. Because of this, you have to make sure to be patient! 

Every person is different, but we’d recommend waiting at least an hour before considering more of your CBD-infused drink. This will give you enough time to see if the effects are starting to kick in or if you need something a bit more potent. Always listen to your body!

The Palm Organix™ Promise

The Palm Organix mission is to listen, educate, assist and support all those interested in taking the next steps in your CBD wellness journey. We understand that the CBD industry can be a bit complicated and sometimes intimidating. But Palm Organix is here to change that.

We want you to feel comfortable purchasing CBD products — no matter what they may be. If you have questions, we have answers! If you’re new to the CBD world or have known about it for a while, Palm Organix will always be your guiding hand.  

So, whether you want to try a CBD-infused drink or a potent CBD oil is entirely up to you, and Palm Organix is simply here to help you find what’s best for you. That’s the Palm Organix Promise.

Buying The Best CBD Drinks Through Palm Organix

So, while the market may be saturated with low-quality products, that’s not the case here. When you purchase CBD-infused drinks from Palm Organix, you’re getting perfection sent straight to your door. With our third-party lab-test results, quality broad-spectrum CBD extract, and our free US shipping, Palm Organix ensures that we stay above the competition. 

At the end of the day, the CBD industry is about health and wellness, and our goal is for you to become the best version of yourself. No matter what CBD product you choose, we want to be the ones to support you in the journey. Whether you have questions, concerns, or are just downright curious, Palm Organix is here to be your go-to place for all things CBD. 

  1. janice


    Love these before going for a run or working out.

  2. Bryan


    I love these CBD drinks, and I am overly impressed with how fast they ship

  3. Pete L

    Pete L

    Really love these, they taste great

  4. Kim C

    Kim C

    Started replacing my afternoon coffee with these, they taste good, and don't give me the jitters

  5. Paula N

    Paula N

    Great product, a little sweet, I use only half a pack per water bottle

  6. Alyssa B

    Alyssa B

    I really love the Palm Organix products, as a senior in college the energy drinks help keep me up when I have all night studying to do, and I like the gummies and tinctures for everyday use to keep me alert and focused.

  7. Jon H

    Jon H

    I started using Palm Organix products 5 months ago to deal with chronic neck and back mobiity issues and it has made a world of difference. No more sleepless nights. It also served to reduce my stress level so I am generally in a better state of mind at work and at home. More recently I tried the Palm Organix CBD Energy drink mix. The berry flavor is great and it makes a world of difference before or after a workout or just as a mid day boost. Thank You.

  8. Angie S

    Angie S (verified owner)

    I ordered my product online and it got to me quick! I LOVE the Energy Drink and I've used the mint and orange tinctures in baking, in hot tea, and have just used straight up. Great, easy to use products!!

  9. Leonard F

    Leonard F (verified owner)

    I ordered some of Palm Organix's products online (Mint Tincture and CBD Salve), and everything was amazing! The tincture tastes great and the salve was for my wife who has knee issues. She said the salve is awesome and helps a lot. The order arrived very fast, and they even threw in a free package of their energy drink mix for me to try! I will definitely be buying from Palm Organix again!

  10. Sean M

    Sean M (verified owner)

    I am really impressed with the customer service at Palm Organix, I was able to talk to them on the phone after I made a mistake on my order and they fixed right away. They also ship very fast and for free. My favorites are the orange tincture and the energy drinks. I have a CBD drink every morning before walking.

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