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How to Help Dogs Who Feel Anxious during Thunderstorms

How to Help Dogs Who Feel Anxious during Thunderstorms

Finding Ways On How to Help Dogs Who Feel Anxious during Thunderstorms

Many of us who have dogs have experienced the following scenario on a number of occasions: Everything is calm and peaceful at home and our furry family member is as happy as ever, enjoying the afternoon, and behaving as they normally do – bright-eyed and full of energy. Then, the skies outside go from clear to cloudy and a thunderstorm begins to roll in. Suddenly, our pet (who was previously energetic and happy) becomes quite the opposite.

For many dogs, during a thunderstorm, extreme anxiety can be quite commonplace. It is not at all unusual to see a dog that is normally very good-natured become panicked and extremely anxious during a thunderstorm – hiding, trembling, urinating in the house, even trying frantically to escape. These are all very common reactions for dogs who have high anxiety during storms.

What Causes Anxiety in Dogs?

Even though many of us are familiar with the scenario above, we often still don’t know why it occurs. For some dogs, it may simply be the loud noise and the bright flashing lights that cause these feelings. For other dogs, particularly those who were once stray, it could be the memory of a previous bad experience outside during thunderstorm activity. Or, it could simply be dependent upon personality or that one particular breed of dog is more prone to anxiety during thunderstorm situations than others.

Whatever the cause, the truth of the matter is that it is very difficult to watch a pet that we love struggle in this way during a thunderstorm. As a result, many are seeking safe, natural, and effective ways to help ease the anxiety that dogs experience during thunderstorms. Fortunately, there are a number of promising possibilities for doing exactly that.

How to Soothe Your Dog during a Thunderstorm

As is the case with people, each dog is different. As a result, what works best for one dog might not be best for another. Here are some commonly used methods on how to help dogs who feel anxious during thunderstorms:

  • Create a Safe Place: As is the case with people, for pets, a calming, soothing environment can go a long way toward relieving anxiety. Does your dog have a crate where it feels comfortable? A favorite pillow, blanket, or toy? Is there a room in your house that is soundproof or has reduced sound? If so, during a thunderstorm, such an atmosphere can reduce your dog’s overall feelings of anxiety. If you are able to remain in the room with your dog during this time, that is even better as dogs often love their people most of all.
  • Invest in a Thundershirt: A thundershirt is a type of wrap-type clothing placed on dogs to reduce anxiety. Its unique design provides constant yet gentle pressure to the dog’s body, thereby producing a calming effect. Many, who have used the thundershirt with success, say that it helps with anxiety in any number of situations – including separation anxiety, thunderstorms, fear of other loud noises, travel stress, and more.
  • CBD Oil: If you follow health and wellness news at all, chances are you may have heard a great deal lately about cannabidiol (or CBD, for short). Extracted directly from the hemp variety of the cannabis plant, CBD is a natural, safe, and non-addictive supplement that works directly with the endocannabinoid system present in both dogs and humans. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a system that plays an important role in helping to maintain homeostasis (or balance in our bodies), and it accomplishes this through a number of receptors that interact with cannabinoids – both those naturally produced in the body and those from outside sources, like CBD. When CBD is ingested, it interacts directly with the ECS receptors and may encourage beneficial effects.

As a result, many use CBD to reduce stress levels in pets and increase overall feelings of calm and well-being. This can be particularly helpful in situations, like thunderstorms, which make our pets nervous.

There are a number of ways to easily and effectively administer CBD to your dog. One of the most popular of which is the tincture. While many have heard the word “tincture,” it may remain unclear as to exactly what a tincture is and how it can help. A tincture is simply a potent, pure CBD extract that can be administered by the dropperful directly under the tongue or can be mixed with your dog’s food, depending upon your dog’s preference. The Palm Organix™ pet tincture is one such tincture known for being pure, safe, beneficial, and quickly absorbed for achieving the effects you desire in minimal time.

The Benefits of CBD

As Lisa from New Jersey said so well, “Our dog, Moe, struggled with tremendous anxiety during thunderstorms. We tried any number of things to help him. Since starting to take Palm Organix™ CBD pet tincture, Moe has been able to make it through even the worst thunderstorms and feel much happier and calmer than he did before. It’s also been wonderful for us to know that the Palm Organix™ pet products are THC free, as our veterinarian told us that THC is not good for dogs to ingest.  This makes Moe happy and the people who love him happy, too!”

If your struggling to find a way on how to help dogs who feel anxious during thunderstorms, take a step toward finding a treatment for your pet in a safe, natural, and effective way. We encourage you to contact Palm Organix™ today. We would be happy to listen to your personal story and to discuss how our pet products might be a wonderful fit for your needs. You can review more information about our pet products here. And, of course, you are always welcome to contact us either online at any time, via phone during business hours, or with a visit to our brick-and-mortar store. We look forward to helping your pet achieve a greater overall level of wellness today.

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