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February 4, 2020

Is CBD Oil Effective?

Those who follow health and wellness news have likely heard much recently about CBD oil. CBD oil is best used as a supplement, and is not designed as a cure or treatment for any ailment, however a simple Google search will show countless people who have reported CBD offers relief for any number of common ailments and these testimonials are very inspiring to read.

As with any popular trend, however, there are those who are skeptical. After all, some trends come and go quite quickly – here today and gone tomorrow. This is understandable. There are many who want to know: Is CBD oil really as effective as it is claimed to be?

To understand what makes CBD effective, it’s important to understand first what CBD is, and how it interacts with the body. CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is one of the 110 compounds found in the cannabis plant. When most think of the cannabis plant, they think first of marijuana and THC.  THC is the compound that produces the feeling of a “high” in marijuana users. While this is certainly one use for the cannabis plant, it offers many helpful compounds, of which CBD is one, that do not have the psychoactive effects of marijuana. As a result, those who use CBD are able to experience positive health benefits without the other side effects that they might not want.

Is CBD Effective?

When taken as a supplement, CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is a very complex system of cannabinoid receptors in our central and peripheral nervous systems. The ECS helps with many of our important and vital physiological functions, and helps with managing things like pain, appetite, inflammation, memory, mood, sleep, and more. CBD functions by triggering the production of natural endocannabinoids in the body that attach to the bodies cannabinoid receptors. In doing so, CBD serves to interact with those receptors. The ECS has an effect on overall wellness and vitality. Some reasons people are using CBD are for:

  • Promoting Tranquility
  • Supporting a good night’s sleep
  • Supporting muscle and joint function
  • Promoting healthy skin
  • Support internal balance
  • Supporting a relaxed mood
  • Supporting Focus

CBD oil is edible and can be used as a cooking oil or added to already prepared food. Other forms include CBD tinctures, CBD Topicals, CBD softgels, CBD gummies, and even CBD energy drinks. Some people prefer to take it as a traditional supplement by simply consuming daily.

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As with any supplement, however, it is worth noting that production measures and quality standards are always significant factors in how safe and effective the product actually is. For that reason, it is important to buy CBD products from a provider you can trust. An important part of determining whether a product is pure and beneficial, and whether it will truly be as effective as you like it to be, is to find a provider that focuses on quality from the very beginning.

Some who sell CBD oil products carefully research various CBD production companies and choose to source their CBD oils from those providers based on their high standards. Palm Organix™, for example, has its CBD produced by Folium Biosciences, which is a global industry leader in the CBD production process. The hemp is grown and CBD subsequently extracted according to extremely high standards. Palm Organix™ CBD is derived from a unique hemp variety that is naturally high in cannabinoids. Palm Organix™ CBD oil is made in a state-of-the-art extraction and purification facility that ensures that all of its products are pure and free of all solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, and THC.

When considering whether to take CBD oil, it is important to choose a provider that focuses on pure, and beneficial production. After all, it seems counterintuitive to take a product for its health benefits if that product also contains harmful chemicals, solvents, and other ingredients you don’t want. When purchased in its most pure and high-quality form, however, CBD is may be quite effective.

is cbd oil safe

Does CBD Oil have side effects?

As with any supplement, there are occasional, though fairly rare, side effects. While most experience no side effects, some occasionally report nausea, irritability, or trouble sleeping. While these side effects may occur for a very few people, they are generally harmless when compared to the more serious side effects of many prescription drugs. Additionally, those who experience these side effects are often able to remedy them by adjusting their daily dosage of CBD.

Imperative in the process of choosing a quality CBD oil product is choosing a company the Lab Tests their products thoroughly like Palm Organix™  Palm Organix goes through rigorous testing, not once but twice. All of our their products are first tested by their supplier, Folium Biosciences and delivered with Certificates of Quality Assurances (COA).  Palm Organix™ then sends the CBD oil out to a third party lab for further testing to ensure that every customer receives the high quality that they expect and deserve. These lab reports should be easily available on the company website.

Conclusion: Is CBD Oil Effective?

Of course, if you are considering beginning to regularly take CBD, it is also always a wise decision to consult with your doctor regarding your conditions and any other supplements or medications you may currently be taking to ensure that there are no unexpected interactions or effects. After consulting with your physician, however, you can begin your journey to greater wellness with the use of CBD, knowing that when you do so, you are making a choice that is pure, and beneficial for your overall health and vitality.  There’s no better day than today to start your wellness journey. Contact us today.

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