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CBD and Working Out: CBD’s Role in Sports Medicine

cbd and muscle mass

CBD and Working Out FAQs

Plain and simply stated, not all hemp is created equal. As a result, not all CBD is the same. At Palm Organix™, we are proud to tell our customers that our hemp is produced by Folium Biosciences, the largest fully vertically integrated producer of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids in the United States. Folium Biosciences utilizes state-of-the-art purification and extraction facilities to produce the world's finest premium CBD oil products. The hemp plants grown, harvested and processed at Folium Biosciences are not genetically modified, and are free of any solvents, harsh chemicals, heavy metals, fillers, and pesticides. Many CBD companies in an effort to cut costs and save money source their Hemp from Asia or Eastern Europe. Those Hemp plants tend to be inconsistent in both THC and CBD levels and are considered to be low quality Hemp.

CBD and Working Out: CBD’s Role in Sports Medicine

CBD oil may offer an abundance of potential benefits. From health to skincare needs, people use this cannabinoid for a wide variety of needs.

Did you know that CBD may help athletes as well? Learn more about CBD and working out to see if it could help you.

CBD and Working Out

Understanding the science behind a runner’s high can help you comprehend the way CBD works in the body to improve a workout. What produces this interesting effect?

Previously, people assumed that endorphins created this feeling. However, researchers knew that we possess a blood-brain barrier that protects us and makes it so they are not readily available to produce this feeling of euphoria.

After much research, science says that natural cannabinoids actually produce runner’s high. Anandamide builds up in the system during an intense workout, and this endocannabinoid closely resembles CBD.

CBD and Anandamide actually share receptors, meaning they will produce similar results within the body. During exercise, they produce a euphoric effect that reduces pain and increases stamina for the athlete.

This means that you can use CBD for energy during your workout. It may give you the boost you need to push through those workouts.

This overview only touches the surface of CBD benefits for fitness. Let’s look at some of the other reasons to use CBD for your workout.

cbd and working out

Increasing Muscle Mass

Why do bodybuilders now choose CBD for increasing muscle mass? It’s because CBD is safe, natural and effective.

Our bodies naturally produce catabolic hormones. Though we often think of hormones as natural muscle builders, this only holds true with anabolic hormones such as testosterone.

Catabolic hormones create an opposite effect. They break down compounds in the body including muscle tissue.

One common catabolic hormone produced by the body is cortisol. Also known as the stress hormone, which is triggered by high-intensity workouts.

As it floods the body, this hormone breaks down muscle mass. It also increases blood pressure and abdominal fat accumulation, while decreasing bone density.

CBD works as an anti-catabolic in the body. This allows you to better build and tone your muscles by fighting against cortisol and similar hormones. This allows the anabolic, muscle-building hormones to work with less resistance, allowing you to pack on more muscle mass.

cbd and muscle recovery

Muscle Recovery

After working out, people often experience inflammation and pain in the joints and muscles. Using CBD post-workout may counteract these effects!

Research shows that CBD oil works as a potent anti-inflammatory. CBD combats inflammation in several ways.

First, it activates CB2 receptors around the body. We find these points of entry throughout the body’s immune system, on blood vessels, lymph cells, bones, and organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys, and spleen.

Their location makes them optimal points for fighting inflammation. The immune system sends out signals to create an inflammatory response through chemical messengers called cytokines. Activating these receptors helps the body break up those chemicals and relieve the symptoms of that response.

Joint and muscle pain often result from inflammation. So, reversing this response helps to relieve the pain during muscle recovery.

Stopping inflammation not only helps your muscles recover from the pain, but it also helps eliminate further damage.

Though the body inflames to protect us from foreign invaders, this response can damage our own healthy tissues. Reducing inflammation with CBD may promote faster healing and lessen tissue damage.

The other way that CBD may help muscle recovery is by promoting healthy sleep. The endocannabinoid system helps to regulate melatonin production. Melatonin helps the body sleep properly.

During sleep, the body synthesizes proteins and human growth hormone and focuses much of its energy on healing. CBD may help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, which will help you get the seven to nine hours of rest per night, which is optimal for muscle recovery.

cbd and weight loss

Weight Loss

CBD may help you reach your weight loss goals! This happens in two ways.

What creates weight loss?

Burning calories. How does CBD increase calorie burn?

It does so at a cellular level. Let’s take a look.

Each of our cells contains power organelles called mitochondria. They contain ATP, the energy currency used by the body.

Cannabinoids like CBD actually increase the number of mitochondria in our body! Moreover, it increases the activity level of each powerhouse cell.

On a macro level, this increases the basal metabolic rate in the body. Increasing metabolism means burning more calories. So, you lose more weight!

CBD may also stimulate the activity of certain proteins that lead to the breakdown and oxidation of adipose tissue. This means that you burn more fat calories than carb calories during your workout, which may help melt fat away.

The increase of mitochondria and activation of fat-burning proteins induce a process called “fat browning.” To understand this, know that all fat is not created equal.

White fat stores energy. Your body holds onto this for a cushion to be used during times of famine.

Brown fat, on the other hand, gets burned more readily by the body. This darker adipose tissue breaks down and releases energy for the body to use.

cbd for working out

How to Take CBD for Your Workout

Now that you know how the cannabinoid can benefit your fitness routine, how should you use it?

Ingesting CBD oil regularly may help you for the long haul. When digested, the liver will store the excess CBD and release it slowly over time.

This will not give you profound immediate results. Rather, it will keep low levels in your system for long-term maintenance. This may work well for weight loss and chronic inflammation.

When using a CBD Topicals for muscle recovery, you may want to consider rubbing it directly onto your targeted area. CBD readily penetrates through the pores to activate localized cannabinoid receptors.

Though this will not provide optimal systemic effects, it will give you a strong localized action. This may help you reduce post-workout muscle and joint pain, reduce the acute inflammation, and ease the pain.

how to take cbd for your workout

Choose CBD for Your Workout Supplement

CBD will help you make the most of your workout routine. It is safe, natural, and effective, making it a great workout supplement!

We understand the relationship between CBD and working out. Shop with us to improve your fitness results!

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