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Will CBD Cause You to Gain Weight?

Will CBD Cause You to Gain Weight?

Can CBD Cause You To Gain Weight

Maybe you are someone who follows recent developments in the health and wellness world. Maybe you are someone living a healthy lifestyle already, but seeking a boost to your current health regimen. Or maybe you’re someone struggling with a chronic condition or general health difficulties that you simply want to address in a safe and natural way. If any of these things are true about you, the chances are good that you have heard a great deal about CBD lately.

More about CBD

Cannabidiol (or CBD) is proven to have any number of health benefits, and it provides those benefits in a safe, natural and non-addictive way. By interacting directly with the endocannabinoid system in the body, CBD can help with overall health and wellness. Medical researchers and scientists are, in fact, uncovering new benefits all the time. The horizon seems almost endless where the potential benefit of CBD is concerned.

As a result, CBD is a very appealing choice for those who are looking to better their health without turning to invasive methods or prescription medications that can have many serious side effects, in addition to creating the potential for dependency and addiction. Understandably, however, many who are interested in CBD still have questions about it. In large part, this is because, though the hemp plant from which CBD has been extracted has been used by humans in many beneficial ways for thousands of years, CBD itself is still relatively new.

Many have questions about how CBD provides its benefits, about whether it has any side effects, and about the best form in which to take it. The good news is that there are many companies, like Palm Organix, that provide a wide variety of CBD products and are able to answer questions about serving amount, time of use, and the particular benefits that each product offers. From softgels to tinctures, to topical products, energy drinks, and even pet products, there are a host of CBD products available that may be very helpful in achieving health goals and needs.

Can CBD Cause You To Gain Weight?

Another common question is how closely CBD is connected to another well-known cannabis product – namely, marijuana. Many associate CBD with marijuana because both come from the cannabis plant but, in fact, CBD is derived from hemp, which is a very different strain of the cannabis plant than marijuana. Because of this common misconception, however, many also associate CBD with THC, the cannabinoid present in marijuana that causes not only the feeling of being “stoned“ when used but also gives those users the feeling of having a significantly increased appetite. As a result, many wonder if THC is associated with stimulating hunger, CBD may be as well.

This is an understandable question as it can seem somewhat counterintuitive to take a supplement with the goal of increasing your overall health and wellness and addressing difficult health conditions if that same supplement causes weight gain or other undesired side effects. The ideal supplement, of course, would be one that provided benefits that are desired without many of the side effects that are not.

To answer this question, it is encouraging to note that research is actually being regularly conducted on this very issue. The cannabis plant produces over 100 cannabinoids, and all act slightly differently in the body. CBD, which is one of the most popular cannabinoids, does affect metabolism and appetite, but in a way that may be surprising.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system already present in our body. In addition to consisting of receptors located throughout our bodies, the endocannabinoid system is also made up of metabolic enzymes. Our endocannabinoid system is, therefore, directly connected to and responsible for assisting several metabolic functions like transporting nutrients and storing energy. Cannabinoids like CBD interact directly with the endocannabinoid system.

Research that has been conducted to date indicates that CBD does indeed have a direct effect on metabolism, but in a way that is very different than the effects caused by THC. Research has shown that CBD, when ingested, stimulates the proteins and genes that play a role in breaking down fat in the body. It apparently also serves to boost the number and activity of mitochondria in our body which, in turn, magnifies our bodies’ ability to burn calories. In addition, some research has shown that CBD actually reduces the activity of proteins involved in creating new fat cells within the body. As a result, CBD is actually quite helpful in encouraging our bodies to burn unhealthy fat and maintain a healthy weight.

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CBD continues to surprise us with its benefits and the manner in which it helps our body function. Not only can you take CBD to reduce the effects of negative and unwanted health conditions, but taking CBD may actually produce positive effects. If you are looking for a safe, natural, beneficial way to boost your health, CBD may be your choice.

Of course, when making this choice, it is important to remember to choose products that are manufactured with high attention to quality standards. After all, any CBD product is only ultimately as beneficial and effective as the quality of the hemp from which it is extracted. Companies like Palm Organix focus on purity from the ground up. By using organic growing methods and the best technology for extraction and purification, customers can rest assured that they are purchasing a premium quality, broad spectrum CBD product for their health needs. Taking the first step of this health journey is an important one. Don’t delay beginning this journey with the healthiest, most potent, and pure products that are the best fit for you.  Begin your new chapter of better health with CBD today. Contact us today.

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