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February 21, 2020

Best CBD Edibles

Are you interested in improving your health and wellness, having more energy, feeling better, or perhaps addressing the symptoms of some of the health and wellness conditions you have struggled with for too long? Maybe you’ve heard people talk about CBD supplements or CBD gummies but you are still confused about what CBD is, what kind to buy or how to use CBD. 

Don’t worry! We have included everything you need to know about the best CBD Edibles and how best to take them. Let’s also discuss how CBD edibles can be incorporated into your daily health and wellness regime.  If you are interested in CBD gummies, or other top CBD edibles, we have you covered!

best way to consume cbd

CBD—What is it?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol which is a compound derived from the Cannabis plant. 

THC, which stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol, is also derived from the cannabis sativa plant and is most commonly found in the marijuana plant in high levels.  THC is the compound that is responsible for making someone “high” due to its psychoactive properties.  CBD and CBD edibles come in Full Spectrum (includes THC) broad spectrum (generally no THC) and Isolate (only CBD).

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Let’s be clear though—CBD is NOT the same thing as THC. These are two separate compounds that come from the same cannabis sativa plant.  Although Hemp and Marijuana both come from cannabis, the THC levels found in each plant are the biggest difference. CBD generally comes from the Hemp plants of Cannabis which has low levels of THC, while THC is found in high levels in the marijuana plant.  So if you are looking to add CBD edibles to your routine, do not worry about consuming THC in massive amounts.

CBD will not make you High 

Since CBD has the low levels of THC, it will not make you high.  In fact, In order for high quality CBD product to be legally sold in the United States per the 2018 Farm Bill Act, the amount of CBD can only be trace amounts or less than .3% THC. The good news is that CBD made from Hemp contains many of the same therapeutic benefits of marijuana except for CBD has significantly lower levels of THC (only trace amounts) and therefore no negative psychoactive side effects.  In some cases, if you purchase a “Broad Spectrum CBD,” like the the best CBD gummies products from Palm Organix™ it will be THC Free (0.0%). 

Why Take CBD and What Issues Does it Help?

CBD edibles may be helpful in providing much-needed relief from any number of ailments that can keep the body from functioning, and quite frankly, feeling our best.   

The seven most common reasons people take CBD edibles include the following:

  1. Promote Tranquility
  2. Support a good night’s sleep
  3. Support muscle and body joint function
  4. Promote healthy skin
  5. Support a relaxed mood
  6. Promote mobility of the body
  7. Support Focus

Now that we have looked at a few CBD benefits, let’s look at how to consume and choose the best CBD Edibles.

What are CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are any products or food that you consume that is CBD infused including CBD gummies.

Let me be clear, everyone only just thinks of CBD gummies as Edibles as they are the fan favorite.  But, CBD chocolates, CBD Cake Pops, CBD relax bears, and even home remedies that people make themselves to eat that are CBD infused are all also CBD edibles.  Additionally, CBD softgels or capsules, CBD Drinks, and CBD tinctures are all also CBD edibles.

So the category CBD Edibles refers to any CBD product that is consumed.  Obviously, CBD lotions, creams and all topicals are excluded from the Edible category as they are applied to the skin.

CBD Oil Immunity Blend Softgel scaled

Applications—The Best Way to Consume CBD Edibles

Now that we have identified what CBD edibles are, let's discuss the many ways to consume CBD edible products and how to find the best CBD products.   When doing your homework on CBD products and in particular edibles, It’s best to look at all your options to determine what may work best for you.

Furthermore, when you are vetting which CBD edibles to purchase, one of the most important factors is choosing the best CBD products are by choosing a supplier who sources hemp grown in the United States and that uses high quality extraction techniques like co2 extraction and also lab tests their CBD for quality and efficacy.

cbd edibles 1

CBD Tinctures: 

Tinctures are an effective way to orally consume CBD oil. A CBD tincture is made by extracting high quality hemp extract from the hemp plant and mixing it with other carrier oils like olive oil or grape seed oil.  You simply take a dropper of CBD oil and release the drops directly into your mouth by placing them under your tongue and holding it there for 1-2 minutes before swallowing.  Tinctures are an extremely popular product and arguably the best selling CBD edible in the industry.  Many people prefer CBD tinctures because they are fast acting, the effects can be felt quickly.  Those in search of anxiety relief often prefer CBD tinctures because this kind of CBD delivery method is so fast acting.  Tinctures are much faster acting than a CBD gummy.  Tinctures come in full spectrum hemp CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD and isolate products.  Many feel that Full or Broad will create the entourage effect which means you are receiving the best of the plant as all the cannabinoids are working in conjunction.  On the other hand, with a CBD isolate, you will not experience the same effects

cbd edibles 3

CBD Gummies:

Another extremely popular method to consume CBD edibles are gummies.  Gummy bears are delectables CBD treats that target the body as a whole. CBD Gummies are great because they come in different flavors and sizes.  Gummies work the same way as other CBD edibles.  Gummies are also a very easy way to dose CBD as CBD gummies generally come in low dose, 10mg dose of CBD per gummy.  Hemp CBD gummies is one of the most searched CBD items on the internet and for good reason. CBD gummies come in full spectrum CBD gummies, Broad Spectrum CBD gummies as well as CBD isolate gummies.  There are many CBD edibles gummies to choose from with different milligrams of CBD to choose from.  Look for CBD gummies that have the mg of CBD per gummy that you are looking to consume daily.

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CBD Softgels are taken orally and swallowed whole with a glass of water. Since they are swallowed whole, it takes longer to feel the effects when consuming a CBD softgel, it is also very important to find a CBD softgel with a high absorption rate.  Palm Organix™ CBD softgels have nano emulsion technology and are 100% absorbable.  If you are looking for  CBD products that are easy to take, with no fuss and can be added to your other morning pill or capsule regiment, a CBD capsule may be the way to go. CBD softgels come in full spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD and CBD isolate products.

Other CBD Edibles:

Although not as common, CBD relax gummies bears, CBD chocolate, CBD cake pops, are all also included in the CBD edible category.  These edibles, just like CBD gummies, are infused with CBD and are used to snack on. Examples of CBD edibles include CBD chocolates, CBD nuts, CBD snack bars, and CBD protein bars. These other CBD edibles come in full spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD and CBD isolate products.  In the other CBD edible category, CBD chocolate is becoming more popular as there are many home recipes for chocolate that users of CBD are adding their own oil to to make their own one.  Think of a CBD chocolate brownie!

cbd edibles 2

CBD Drinks

CBD drinks are an extremely popular way to consume CBD products.  Drinks come in pre made bottles or cans or in many instances, they come in a powder for and can be mixed into 12 to 16 ounces of water.  Again look for the highest quality nano emulsion technology product as they will absorb more efficiently into the body.  Palm Organix™ sells a CBD energy drink which comes in easy to use packets that can be mixed directly with water into your sports drink bottle.  Derived from the finest hemp plants available, this is one product you should not miss!  Consumers love the effects of this product as it is combined with caffeine.

How to Determine the Highest Quality CBD Edibles Product

There are many different options for using CBD out there, and, so many companies or places offering all different CBD products and options. When you look to purchase CBD edibles, you want to make sure you are looking for the key qualities that make for quality CBD products.

Hemp Grown in the United States

One of the first things to look for when sourcing product is to find a brand that sources their hemp from the USA.  The USA is known for producing the best quality industrial hemp.  You should avoid Hemp that is sourced from Europe or Asia and these strains of hemp tend to be inconsistent in both CBD and THC levels.  Also, look for product sourced from the following states, Colorado, Kentucky, Oregon and California.  These four states are known for yielding the finest available product in the marketplace.


Since CBD comes from Cannabis, it has an earthy taste. If you struggle with consuming this particular taste, you will want to look for a product with added flavors like gummies, or one with flavored tincture oil.  If you dont like the taste, you will not be using it very often.  Many premium brands have done a fantastic job of masking the taste of cannabis by introducing other flavors such as mint, orange and lemon into their hemp products.


You get what you pay for. While you don’t want to be scraping the bottom of your cash barrel to afford a particular brand of CBD, you need to keep in mind that in most cases the the one with the higher the price, in many cases has the higher the quality of the oil and the effects of the product.  Palm Organix™ offers CBD oil at an affordable price point.  If you choose to sign up for the subscription program, you will save an extra 20% on our already affordable prices.   


You need to bear in mind which CBD delivery methods work the fastest.  For example, CBD tinctures are faster than taking a pill. If you want faster effects, a tincture product would be your best choice. 


As far as usability goes, based on your lifestyle or culture, you want to look for the easiest most convenient options. A capsule, gummy of CBD may likely be more user friendly than CBD infused chocolate. If you are also consuming relax bears two or three times a day, that may not be the most convenient option for you if you have a hectic busy lifestyle.

best way to consume cbd

Lab Testing:

Edibles CBD products should come with certificates of Quality Assurance as well as third party lab testing reports. These lab reports should be easily accessible either on a website or through a QR code.  Third party lab tested refers to a product, whether it is gummies or CBD edibles or tinctures that have tested by a "third party" to ensure that what the manufacturer claims is in the product is what is in the product.  The lab test will show the amount of CBD in the product.  Remember for it to be legal, the THC level must be less than 0.3 THC.

Money Back Guarantee

Look for a vendor that offers a money back guarantee on your purchase.  If the vendor is willing to refund your money if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, it speaks volume about the confidence they have about their product.  Palm Organix™ offers a 30 day money back guarantee on every product they sell.  So if you are not satisfied with your gummies, you can send them back for a full refund.

Free Shipping

Have you ever gotten to the checkout process and realized that the price is not what you expected?  This happens all the time as many brands charge for shipping.  In fact, some brands view shipping as a way to make money as they charge more for shipping than they are paying for the shipping.  Look for a brand that offers free shipping.  In fact at Palm Organix™, we offer free shipping on all orders in the United States.  Not only do we offer FREE shipping but we ship fast.  We cant control the USPS but we do ship our products out within 24 hours of the order being placed.  In fact often times we ship the product the same day the order is received.

Dosage and Risks

While everyone reacts differently to varying amounts of hemp oil consumed, it’s always best, as a general rule, to start out with a low dosage and slowly increase the CBD oil intake to the point where you feel the beneficial effects.  High quality CBD will yield results even in small doses so start slow and grow.

Nonetheless, it is still recommended to consult with your physician before starting a hemp CBD regimen and determining which dosage is right for you. 

What Form Will You Choose?

If you are still unsure of the best way to consume the top hemp CBD, you should speak with your doctor, and also consult a reputable hemp company, such as Palm Organix™ for additional recommendations and to better understand the benefits of CBD and the long lasting effects. 

For premium CBD products check out our store to find the right option best suited for your health and wellness needs. Feel free to reach out to us at our email address and one of our CBD edibles specialists will be happy to discuss which hemp products are best suited for your needs, which have long lasting effects.  If you are looking for the benefits of CBD or how to use CBD or what are gummies are made from, Palm Organix™ offers the highest quality CBD edibles product made from United States grown hemp.


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