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October 21, 2019

The Benefits of CBD Cream

Are you looking to take your skin to the next level?  In 2018 with the passing of the Farm Bill Act, CBD products became federally legal.  Soon thereafter, CBD topicals, including CBD cream products hit the market and is available all over.   You have likely even walked into a local pharmacy and seen CBD products and CBD creams available on the shelves.

But like most customers, you likely do not know what the benefits of CBD cream are.  CBD cream is used for all types of skin conditions.  People are searching the internet for "CBD cream for Pain" in record numbers but did you know CBD cream is being sought out by customers for its anti inflammatory properties.  Thats right, CBD oil when sourced from the best industrial hemp is believed to offer anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties.

Although not medically reviewed by the Food and Drug administration, CBD creams and other topical CBD products are being touted as a revolution in treating everything from anti-aging to acne. It is understandable that some people are skeptical of these CBD claims. So is this true, or is it just clever marketing?

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CBD Products Skin Care Uses

Topical CBD oil can be used for a variety of functions. Its range of uses may help with both the wellness goals of the body, as well as supporting and promoting healthy skin. Although CBD is not FDA approved to treat, cure , prevent or diagnose and ailment or condition here are some of the reasons people are trying out some of the best CBD creams for skin care.

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The many studies of CBD oil show that it may be beneficial for anti-inflammatory purposes. So how does this work when caring for the skin?

CBD oil may have a calming effect on the skin, especially skin that is susceptible to acne. Acne stems from an inflammatory response, and research has shown that CBD may soothe this response, potentially lowering breakouts and redness.

CBD may also be able to lower the amount of oil production in the skin, which is another trigger for the appearance of acne. Studies, however, are still in their early stages, and more research is needed.  It is recommended that you use only little CBD cream to start and monitor for side effects.  CBD topicals are not recommended to be used on broken skin.

Anti-Aging and Wrinkles

Research is being done to test if CBD is also an antioxidant. This means is CBD may be able to lower the signs of skin aging. Although more research is needed, you are seeing CBD added to many different skin care lines.

Current antioxidants on the market may help to reduce the effects of damaged skin and excessive wrinkles. It should also be noted that CBD is most often a natural skin care ingredient when included in various topical products.

Sensitive Skin

As mentioned above, CBD oil and its properties seem to be soothing for the skin. Many who use CBD topicals to address different issues related to having sensitive skin have found the cream to be soothing on the human body.

It is important to note that all types of skin can be affected by stressors in the environment. The soothing attributes of CBD oil may be able to keep the skin looking and feeling calm.  Although at this time it is not approved by drug administration (FDA) for any skin ailment.

CBD Creams for Pain Relief

Most pain stems from inflammation.  As referenced above, CBD is believed to be an anti inflammatory.  Many customers are seeking CBD pain cream to support muscle and joint function and muscle and joint pain.  There are also cooling creams to choose from infused with pain relieving ingredients such as camphor.


What Exactly Is CBD Oil?

CBD or cannabidiol can come from either the marijuana or hemp variety of the cannabis sativa plant —  Of the two strains of the Cannabis sativa plant, Hemp is the preferred choice for CBD as Hemp has significantly lower levels of THC.  THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that is primarily responsible for the feeling of being “high,” which users experience when consuming marijuana.

CBD oil is generally mixed with a carrier oil that can be anything from coconut oil to olive oil, or other types of oils. The two most common types of CBD oil are Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum.  Full Spectrum contains the entire plant including THC, however, in order for Full Spectrum to be legally sold in the United States per the Farm Bill Act of 2018, it must contain less than .3% THC.


Broad Spectrum on the other hand is the entire Hemp Plant EXCEPT the THC is completely removed.  For this reason, Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is considered to be the best CBD available by many as you get all the benefits of the Cannabis plant without any of the negative psychoactive side effects of THC.   Additionally, you also have the peace of mind of knowing you will never fail a drug test screening for Cannabis.

It is also important to know that there is a major distinction between hemp seed oil and CBD oil, even though they are very often marketed as one and the same.  CBD oil is highly concentrated in cannabidiol CBD, terpenes and flavonoids, whereas hemp seed oil is made from only the seeds of the hemp plant which has no CBD, and no cannabindoids whatsoever.  In fact, Hemp seed oil has been sold in grocery stores for decades.

If you want to be certain that the CBD skin care you purchase or are looking to purchase contains CBD, look for cannabidiol on the list of ingredients.

CBD Lotion skincare

Additionally, CBD isolate is another form of CBD however CBD isolate is essentially CBD with nothing else added to it. Some people prefer this, mainly because they know that there won’t be any other effects from other cannabis compounds however it is important to note that you will not receive any of the other important cannabinoids, terpenes of flavonoids when taking a CBD isolate.

Some supporters of Full Spectrum CBD are believers in what is known as the "entourage effect." This effect is a term describing how the other compounds within cannabis plant work better together than by themselves.  Although this may or may not be true, one of the clear negatives of Full Spectrum CBD oil is you will be consuming THC.

There have been studies that show CBD isolate is less effective for promoting  and supporting wellness, than using the whole extract of the plant.

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How Exactly Does CBD Work?

Our bodies are an amazing thing — we can actually make a chemical that resembles some of the ones found in cannabis.

Anandamide is known as the bliss molecule.

This chemical elevates the amount of Endocannabinoid in our bodies. Having high levels of Anandamide present in the body can produce anti-inflammatory effects. It also stimulates other receptors within the body. What exactly these receptors are responsible for is still yet to be discovered.

Much of the media today has gravitated towards how CBD is able to control epilepsy.  The only FDA approved CBD product is Epidiolex, which is used for epilepsy, in particular to limit or minimize seizures for those suffering from Epilepsy.

If you decide to consume CBD in your body using a CBD supplement or CBD edible, it will enter the body through the bloodstream, much like a pharmaceutical. This will allow the CBD to start interacting with the Endocannabinoid receptors within the body.  The Endocannabinoid System is responsible for creating homeostasis or balance in the body.

On the other hand, if you apply CBD on the skin topically in a targeted manner it is only able to  affect the area where it has been applied. It is believed that topical CBD that is stored in the body can provide relief over a longer period of time.

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The Legality of CBD Oil

CBD oil and other CBD products created from CBD are federally legal per the Farm Bill Act of 2018.  However, at the State level, individual states are implementing their own laws and interpretations so it is important that you check with your local municipality to find out the laws in your particular state.

In spite of this, there is an increase in beauty products that are made using CBD being sold around the United States and the world.

Known as Epidiolex, this drug has been used to help children with rare epilepsy types. Therefore, CBD brands that seek to be compliant with the regulation surrounding CBD have to work hard to make sure their marketing stays within the confines of the law.

While the FDA ruminates on the rules they think are correct for adding cannabinoids to edibles, there is more flexibility for experimentation within CBD topicals and skin care.

Best CBD Topical

Choosing CBD Cream Product at the best Price Point

As mentioned earlier, CBD cream products are available nationwide from health stores to large pharmacies and of course you can buy CBD cream online.  In fact CVS and Walgreens both sell CBD topicals.  When looking to buy the best CBD creams, look for these characteristics from your retailer to ensure you purchase the best products.

What to look in the best CBD Cream topical

  • USA Grown Hemp Derived CBD Products
  • Reputable Brand that uses a Quality Extraction Method
  • THC Free CBD Cream
  • Third Party Testing and COA of the Hemp Extract
  • Good Price Point on CBD Lotions
  • Mg of CBD in the CBD topical product
  • Other Quality Ingredients (Essential oils, Coconut Oil etc)
  • A brand that uses Best Practices during Product Development

The Benefits of CBD Cream CBD Lotion 1

Using CBD Skin Care

Used within the right parameters, CBD skin care may offer a host of benefits. Although there is more research to be done in order to find out exactly how it may help various conditions, the future for CBD skin care looks promising.

It is important to keep abreast of the regulations and ongoing research in the CBD field. This will provide visibility to the potential topical advantages of CBD oil.

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About Palm Organix™

Palm Organix™ is a leader in the best premium quality CBD cream products including, cooling creams, CBD pain Cream (camphor lotion), CBD creams with varying levels of CBD.  Our entire line of CBD products including our CBD creams, cbd salve, and camphor lotion are third party lab tested and also have COA for each of the products we sell.  The entire line of Palm Organix™ CBD products are formulated using the best product development standards.  All of our hemp is grown in the United States, our entire line of products including CBD cream is Broad Spectrum CBD (THC Free0.0%)

Check out our range of fantastic CBD skin care and begin to reap the benefits yourself!


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