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August 31, 2020

How to Choose the Best CBD Oil White Label | Private Label Partner

If you're ready to invest in the CBD oil industry, it is time to find out how to Choose the Best CBD Oil White Label | Private Label Partner.  Actually, your goal should be to find the best CBD oil White Label or Private Label partner for all your needs.

CBD oil White Labeling is one of the best ways you can become an authority in the CBD oil industry, build a core following, plus make money from selling a CBD oil product line. By 2024 BDS Analytics predicts the CBD oil industry across all distribution channels will have a compound annual growth rate of 49 percent.

However, before you give away your hard earned money, you should do your research in order to choose the best White Label CBD partner or Private Label partner. The main reason you need to pick the best White Label partner is so you can increase your chances of success. In this post, we will walk through the steps you should consider in order to choose the best White Label or CBD oil Private Label partner.

White label CBD

Let's explore what is CBD oil White Label?

When starting a White Label CBD oil brand, most entrepreneurs choose to venture into White label CBD oil businesses by using a CBD White Label provider, sometimes referred to in the CBD industry as a Private Label provider. What White Label CBD oil or CBD oil Private Label means is that you purchase already packaged CBD oil product from a producer and you simply put your label and brand on the packaging for resale.

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You Simply are Selling their Product with your new Business Label and Logo

Therefore, you do not change the product composition, ingredients, or formula. The White label products are the same as the one the manufacturer sells except you are putting your own label on the product.  You may already have a logo you like or the best White label CBD oil providers will have a graphic designer on their team who can help you design your very own logo and packaging design.

white label CBD Logo

Get your New White Label CBD Oil Brand to Market Quickly

White Label and Private Label is quite advantageous for the entrepreneur who does not have a huge budget to start when building his Private Label brand from scratch. With a quality CBD oil product in place and sourced, all you will need to focus on is marketing your White Label / Private Label CBD product including White Label product; Tinctures, softgels, gummies, capsules and or pet product for your businesses.

Before you run to that CBD oil producer or manufacturer, you should first do your research in order to choose the best CBD Oil partner.

Ten Factors to Consider in Choosing Best CBD Oil White Label|Private Label Partner

CBD Oil White label brochure

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1. Look for a CBD White Label partner with Experience and a strong reputation

You can measure the legitimacy of a CBD company by how successful it is and its know-how in the industry. Does the group you are considering understand CBD laws and regulations? Are the White Label CBD products loved by existing consumers? How long have they been in the CBD oil industry?  Do they offer Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum or Isolate for their white labeling.  Is the Hemp grown and made using quality product?  Do they offer shipping? Is the CBD oil order form easy to navigate.This is the type of manufacturing partner you should be looking for.

Understanding this information is critical to ensuring that you have success as a CBD Private Label brand or CBD company.

This is also advantageous because an experienced organization understands the CBD product laws and regulations. Therefore, by finding a partner like Palm Organix™, with a strong team and sales team, you can be assured of a great partnership with a reputable CBD oil White Label group or CBD company.

white label cbd partner 

2. Research the Quality of Their CBD Product

Although the 2018 Farm Bill declared that Hemp CBD products are Federally legal in all 50 US states so long as certain conditions are met including the THC level being less than .3%, the Hemp oil industry still remains mostly unregulated. This lack of regulation has led to a rise in CBD oil companies that offer low quality.  For example, many low quality CBD brands do not lab test or third party lab test their product, they purchase inferior quality hemp, and in many instances, the amount of CBD oil and THC claimed to be in the product is not accurate. 

So if you're seeking to find the best White Label or Private Label provider, sourcing quality oil is your biggest priority. Some questions to ask the CBD White Label provider include: Is the CBD oil tested for harsh chemicals and metals, is it THC-Free, is it full spectrum or isolate, does the product undergo testing?  Where is the product line sourced that is used for your CBD oil White Labeling?  Is the facility using GMp compliant process?  How fast can they turn around your product?

The answer to these questions will serve as a  good indicator and help you determine if you are dealing with a reputable CBD White Labeler or a low quality CBD manufacturer.  Quality CBD oil equates to high quality product and will serve as a good foundation for your Private Label CBD oil launch.


cbd oil white label products

3. Consider the Different Varieties of CBD Products Offered

A CBD manufacturer of White Label company should offer a variety of CBD products to serve its different customer base. For example, if  you are interested in starting a CBD oil White Label or Private Label business, finding a reputable White Label CBD manufacturer is important, but as you expand your CBD company and look to include more CBD product.  For example, in addition to CBD oil gummies, topicals, Tinctures, Pet CBD or White Label CBD oil softgels or capsules, you should be looking to choose a White Label option with a variety of CBD products as this will lead to more repeat customers, larger sales, and the possibility of greater success.

By choosing a reputable CBD manufacturer of White Label or Private Label with quality product, you have an outfit to rely on as your CBD White Label business grows and expands.  That recipe will lead to having a process for success.white label cbd oil

Palm Organix™  services include:

·   White Label CBD oil Pet Products

Palm Organix™ CBD pet products range from pet chews to pet tinctures for either your dog or cat.  Some sales team members may even offer CBD horse pellets or other cbd pet products.

·   White Label CBD Oil Tinctures

Palm Organix ™ White Label CBD oil tinctures are formulated with the highest quality PCR  oil and are terrific for new or first-time users.  Tinctures are available in 500mg Tinctures, 1000mg Tinctures, and 1500mg strengths.

·   White Label CBD oil Gummies

Palm Organix™ CBD White Label gummies come 20 to a jar and are made using only the finest broad-spectrum oil.  Palm Organix™ does not offer full spectrum CBD gummies.

·   White Label CBD Topicals and CBD Skincare

Palm Organix™ offers  CBD face mask,  CBD camphor lotion, cooling gel roll-on, skincare lotion, and White Label CBD salve.

·   White Label CBD oil Softgels and CBD Capsules

Softgels or CBD Capsules from Palm Organix™ are available in four different varieties;  25mg  CBD softgels, softgel immunity blend, softgels with curcumin, and softgels with melatonin.

 4. Quality Manufacturing Process

It is important to ask many CBD questions and to understand how the CBD oil products are produced and manufactured. Are the production facilities GMP Compliant? Does the White Label CBD company use CO2 for extraction?  Is the CBD manufacturer using organic growing procedures?  Are the White Label products gluten free and non-gmo? Is the supply chain strong and does the manufacturer acknowledge that CBD has not been evaluated by the FDA and the product is not intended to treat or prevent any disease and is intended as part of a dietary supplement program.


5. Transparency of the CBD White Label oil Company in Its Processing and Manufacturing of CBD Products

How transparent is the CBD White Label company in sharing its product information?

A CBD oil firm who offers White Label services that isn't honest and has something to hide won't make for the best partner. Investing in a CBD White Label business means that you are seeking quality product, therefore, understanding how the CBD oil White Label/ CBD oil products are processed or manufactured is crucial.

Also, the CBD oil White Label provider must make their lab results readily available. The best White Label companies like Palm Organix™ with retail locations in New York provide this information to each of their White label CBD partners.

Lab testing and having lab reports is extremely important as this ensures that the CBD White Label products have undergone rigorous testing and third-party CBD testing. Third-party CBD oil testing means that an independent laboratory has conducted testing that is unbiased.  It is extremely important that the results from third party lab testing are made available to the CBD oil White Label partner.

This will ensure that the CBD oil content that is listed on the product packaging is the same amount in the CBD White Label product; the product has less than .3% THC;  the White label product is free of harmful chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides.

CBD Lab Testing is important

6. Check the CBD oil White Label Supplier Pricing Structure

You want to build a quality and a profitable CBD oil White Label  business. Therefore, you are not only searching for quality CBD oil, but you need to find affordable products as well.

Does your preferred CBD oil White Label company offer reasonable pricing? A partner offering competitive prices is crucial to the entrepreneur starting his CBD oil business. It is also important to understand the pricing structure to avoid surprises like hidden fees, excessive shipping costs, or extra charges.

Ultimately, the pricing of the CBD White Label company you eventually choose to partner with will determine how much you can sell your products for and what your profit margin will be.  Therefore it is important to know your target market to make sure that they will be able to afford your CBD oil products and that your Private Label CBD products are competitively priced  When choosing a CBD oil white label partner,  it is important that the Private Label partner is offering you competitive pricing along with high quality CBD oil products.   

white label cbd customer service

7. Customer Service

CBD oil White Label partner customer service might seem like a trivial thing on the surface. However, If your White Label CBD oil partner or CBD oil partner is hard to get ahold of, or has poor communication skills, this is a red flag and would not make for the best CBD oil white label partner.

Therefore, if you ask for information or have issues with their CBD oil products, a timely response and getting the help you need is extremely important from the CBD business.  At Palm Organix™, all CBD inquiries, CBD oil questions or concerns will be responded to within 24 hours or less. This is the level of service you should expect from the best Private Label partners.

When looking for the best CBD oil White Label partner, look for a company with excellent communication skills and high customer service.  Even though Palm Organix™ has a store in New York and operates out of the New York Tri State area, we offer high customers service coast to coast.  Feel free to call  us or email


CBD Oil Lab Report

8. Lab Results & Third Party Lab results for CBD Products

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD oil products, in order to be federally legal must contain less than 0.3% THC. Therefore, THC levels of >.3% are illegal.

This is why lab results, especially third party testing is, an important element in choosing the best CBD oil White Label partner. From reading the lab reports, you will know the THC levels of each of the products the CBD oil White Label company has in their products.  Additionally you will be able to check to ensure they have quality products that do not contain any heavy metals or pesticides as well.  Lastly you will be able to confirm that the amount of CBD in the product is the same amount listed on the third party CBD lab reports. 

When a company makes their lab results readily available to its CBD oil White Label partners, it shows integrity. Therefore, anyone can scrutinize it and you'll also get to see the results of an independent laboratory.

These CBD oil lab results are extremely important because when you're reselling CBD oil, your target market needs verification that the CBD oil products are of the highest quality. The Certificate of Quality Assurance and CBD lab results will help in building your credibility, which in turn will lead to more sales of your CBD products. You will easily be able to determine if the quality products you are searching for are basically hemp oil, isolate, full spectrum or broad spectrum.

usa flag grown hemp CBD

9. Is the Hemp used for CBD White Label USA Grown Hemp?

Hemp is the most common of the cannabis strains used in the production of CBD products like topicals. So long as the CBD products contain less than .3% THC, the CBD oil is legal in all 50 US states.

But despite hemp being legal to farm within the laws of the 2018 Farm Bill Act, not all US states produce the best hemp for CBD extraction and manufacturing. 

Some CBD oil producers source their hemp from overseas. When searching for the best CBD oil White Label Partner, it is recommended that you avoid Hemp sourced from Asia or Europe.  In many instances, Hemp from Asia or Europe tend to be inconsistent in both their CBD oil and THC content.  It is strongly recommended that as the CBD oil White Label entrepreneur, you choose a CBD oil White Label partner whose hemp is grown in the USA.

white label cbd hemp usa

10.  Does the CBD White Label Partner Offer Other Professional Services?

In choosing the best CBD White Label oil Partner, as we discussed, the CBD oil quality is extremely important.  However, are there other ancillary services that the best partner should offer to kickstart or help the new CBD oil business flourish?

These services, in addition to creating labels and designs can include, marketing brochures, merchant processing assistance, Web Design tips, SEO assistance and general business guidance.  All of these ancillary services will make your CBD oil White Label brand or CBD oil Private Label brand even more attractive. The best partners are truly a valuable resource to your new business as you get started.  

As a newbie in the CBD industry, some CBD oil White Label Partners will help you navigate the legal regulations of the CBD oil industry. Additionally, Federal and State laws can be confusing to new CBD oil entrepreneurs. 

Now that you know how to choose the best CBD oil Private Label partner, do you know which CBD oil White Label company will be the best for your new venture?  Palm Organix™ can help by offering the following:

choose best white label private label partner


Why Palm Organix™ Is the Best CBD Private Label CBD Oil Partner

  •   World-class customer service.
  •   Access to Palm Organix™ premium CBD oil.
  •   THC free products (0.0%).
  •   Broad-spectrum products.
  •   Rigorous testing.
  •   Competitive tiered pricing.
  •   USA grown hemp.
  •   High bioavailability and efficacy of end product.
  •   Fast turnaround time.
  •   No monthly minimums.
  •   In house expert label design.
  •   Customer support
  •   Low minimum SKU's.
  •   Certificates of Quality Assurance. 

CBD white label partner


The CBD oil industry is growing exponentially and many CBD oil White Label entrepreneurs want to venture into this lucrative industry via CBD oil White Label or CBD oil Private Label. Unfortunately, most aspiring CBD entrepreneurs have a hard time finding the best CBD products.

In order to avoid trial and error, or make a costly mistake, do your homework and follow the tips in this guide to help you choose the best CBD oil and best CBD oil partner .

With some good quality research, and doing your homework, you should have the tools necessary to now find the best CBD oil White Label Partner or the best CBD oil Private Label Partner.

white label CBD FAQ

Palm Organix™ CBD White Label FAQs

Per the Agricultural Improvement act of 2018, more commonly referred to as the Farm Bill Act of 2018, CBD products containing less than .3% THC are legal in all 50 states. The Farm Bill Act rescheduled some cannabis products from the Controlled Substances Act for the first time in early 2019. Included in the list is Industrial Hemp, the strain of Cannabis that CBD oil is commonly made from, so long as the THC level does not exceed .3% THC. Palm Organix™ entire line of products are THC-Free (0.0%)

The Palm Organix program is designed for entrepreneurs, retailers, medical practitioners, and boutique shop owners who wish to capitalize on the fast growing industry by partnering with a leader in the industry. Let the experienced team at Palm Organix apply your logo/brand on to our premium THC-Free CBD products.

Our white label pricing guide is found in our CBD Oil White Label Program brochure found here

Yes, Palm Organix™ offers a tiered pricing schedule

Yes, the minimum is $2000 on the first order, and $1000 on subsequent orders.

Please contact us at [email protected] to speak with a Palm Organix™ expert who can assist you with your order

For initial orders we require a wire or ACH. On Subsequent orders we will accept a credit card

At this time we do not offer purchase terms.

Yes. If you need your CBD products order in a hurry, please contact us at email address [email protected] to speak with a Palm Organix™ CBD expert who will provide you with expedited shipping and the additional rates.

Palm Organix™ ships to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and all of the other 50 states.  Free Shipping is not included for Private Label orders.

Unfortunately we currently do not ship outside of the United States at this time but we can ship your products to a major shipping facility like New York.  From New York, you can arrange for bulk shipping yourself.

Yes. Palm Organix™ is a leader in the industry and we are constantly developing and researching new CBD products.

Palm Organix™ is a leader in the sale of premium CBD oil products and has published many educational pieces. We would recommend you start by reading our CBD Buyers guide and CBD 101.


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