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August 25, 2020

How to Choose the Best CBD Gummies

Would you like to discover and learn tips for how to choose the best CBD gummies?

If you want to start utilizing a CBD oil product, learn more about CBD oil, and even have a yummy candy to consume and enjoy, a CBD gummy might be the best CBD oil product for you.

In 2018, CBD gummies were the third most-searched for food item on Google. Today, CBD gummies are one of the most commonly used CBD oil products in the market. But that has its downside, because the popularity of CBD gummies means that there are a lot of poor quality or substandard CBD gummy products available in the CBD oil market making it difficult to choose the best CBD gummy bear product.

CBD Gummy Guide

Your Step by Step Guide

This post is going to reveal and provide a step-by-step explanation of how to choose the best CBD gummies made from high quality CBD oil that you can buy and reap the benefits of CBD oil.  CBD gummies are a terrific and extremely popular type of CBD oil for taking CBD.  

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cbd gummies best

What is CBD

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of  the many chemical elements or compounds found in the cannabis sativa plant. Cannabidiol is often referred to as Hemp Extract, as the Hemp CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant. Since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD usage at the federal level for CBD oil products that contain <.3% THC. CBD oil works within the bodies endocannabinoid system to help keep the body in a state of homeostasis, or balance. Interest in CBD oil has skyrocketed, especially cbd gummies CBD oils, and CBD tinctures has skyrocketed.  This in turn has led people to search for the best CBD Gummy that contain less than 0.3 THC.

cbd gummies health scaled

What is a CBD Gummy

First, we have to understand what a CBD gummy is. A CBD gummy is a candy or edible that can be found in different shapes, colors, flavors, and sizes. A CBD gummy is infused with CBD oil and different ingredients like sweeteners to form a tasty CBD oil product that you will enjoy.  CBD gummies are extremely popular and a fantastic way for taking CBD oil.  A CBD gummy generally has anywhere from 10-25mg of CBD per gummy bear.

CBD Gummies are Popular CBD Oil Products

No CBD oil product has received more attention than CBD gummies because gummies are a fun, easy, and a yummy way to take CBD oil.  In many instances, CBD oil products have a bitter taste which makes for an unpleasant experience, especially for people who are first time CBD oil users.  Nobody wants a bad taste when consuming CBD oil, therefore many choose to try CBD gummies when looking for the best way to consume CBD oil products.  If you have not yet tried a CBD gummy, once you will see why they are such popular edibles.

Best Hemp Gummies

Gummies, How to choose the best CBD Gummies

Now that you know what a CBD gummy is, how to choose the best CBD gummies made from quality hemp extract that is the best CBD gummy for your needs? What criteria should you follow to guarantee you get the best CBD gummies and a CBD gummy made with quality CBD oil?

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CBD Gummies are popular Edibles

In 2018, out of all CBD products, CBD gummies were the third most-searched for food item on Google. Today, CBD gummies are one of the most commonly used CBD oil products in the market. But that has its downside, because the popularity of CBD gummies means that there are a lot of poor quality or substandard CBD gummy products available in the CBD market making it difficult to choose the best CBD gummies. People are also looking to find the best CBD gummies to help support their immune system and looking to avoid a CBD gummy made from low quality CBD oil.

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Know the Amount of THC

CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are part of the cannabis sativa plant chemical composition. Each serves a distinct role and they’re quite different. CBD oil is non-psychoactive while THC is the psychoactive component. Psychoactive means that you experience or feel a “high.” Therefore, simply stated,  THC is the compound in cannabis that will make you stoned or high while CBD oil on the other hand will not make you high.

What is the Farm Bill Act?

Under the 2018 Farm Bill, the legally acceptable THC content in a CBD oil, CBD tincture, and CBD edible is <0.3%. Products containing less than .3% are available over the counter and do not need a prescription from a doctor.  So if you are searching for the best CBD gummy, make sure the THC level is below .3%.

Farm Bill Act

Will I get High From CBD?

However, the possibility exists that some people may still get a high from such low THC levels, therefore it is recommended when searching for the best CBD gummy, you choose a THC Free CBD gummy.  THC Free, also known as Broad Spectrum are extremely popular CBD products.  Best CBD Gummies which are THC Free, will ensure you do not get high.

Check the COA and Lab Testing

Before purchasing a CBD gummy, remember to check its THC levels. A reputable CBD oil brand always provides access to their Certificates of Analysis (COA) or third party lab results for each of its CBD oil products whether it's a CBD gummy or CBD softgel.  This is super important when looking for the best CBD gummy.  So if you are searching for how to choose the best CBD gummies, checking the THC level of the CBD oil is a good first step.

CBD Gummy Lab Report

Can I avoid THC altogether?

If you are looking to avoid THC altogether, it is up to you, the consumer should review the CBD gummy lab results and make sure that you are purchasing a CBD gummy that has 0.0% THC.  Reputable companies like Palm Organix™ display their Certificates of Analysis ( COA) and third party lab results on their website, and on the bottle there is a QR code which links to the CBD Lab reports. All CBD products should always have their respective COA available.

Since most beginners or first-time CBD oil users prefer CBD gummies, having THC-Free CBD oil, or hemp extracts, in their CBD product is important. For example, if you experience a high from low levels of THC (<0.3%), this might appear on a drug test screening for THC.  Especially if you are consuming lots of CBD oil product with .3% THC on a daily basis.  This is why many believe that Broad Spectrum CBD make the best CBD products including CBD gummies.  Palm Organix™ Gummies come 20 gummies per gummy, are gluten free, non gmo and are free of harsh chemicals and solvants. 

If you Want to avoid THC Altogether, Choose a Broad Spectrum CBD Gummy

Every person’s  body reacts differently to CBD oil and THC therefore to avoid all the headaches and not run the risk of consuming THC, many people recommend a CBD gummy that is THC- Free, also known as a Broad Spectrum CBD oil gummy. The amount of THC in a CBD gummy, CBD oil, or CBD softgel is important as it determines what products best suit your needs.  Check the COA or the third party lab testing to ensure these delicious CBD edibles you select are THC free.

CBD Lab Testing is important

Know the CBD oil Ingredients

Besides CBD there are different ingredients included in a CBD gummy to make it tasty and yummy. The best CBD oil gummies should be made with natural ingredients otherwise if artificial chemicals are added to the CBD gummy they will likely not be as healthy for you. The ingredients should be clearly listed on the web page, along with any other pertinent health information and again the CBD gummy should have less than 0.3 THC for it to be legal and considered of high quality.  You should also check to see how many gummies per jar, if they are gluten free and non gmo, non high fructose corn syrup, and know what other ingredient gummies are made from.

Read the Lab Reports

It is important to read the Hemp CBD gummies third party lab reports and read the CBD gummies ingredients to help determine which CBD oil products are best for you. For example, if you’re susceptible or allergic to certain ingredients in the CBD gummy, you should avoid that CBD oil brand and manufacturer outright.

You can easily scan and check out the Hemp CBD gummies ingredients before making your purchase which will help you choose the best CBD gummy.  You will want to know the amount of Hemp CBD per gummy as it can vary from brand to brand. The Palm ORganix gummy has 10 milligrams of CBD per gummy, and the is 200mg of CBD per gummy jar (20 gummies) While conducting your research into the best CBD gummy, make sure and read the ingredients to check that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.


best cbd oil gummies

Find a Trusted or Reputable CBD oil Brand so you Choose the Best CBD Gummies

There are numerous Hemp CBD oil brands in the marketplace, all claiming that their CBD gummy product is the best. CBD products and especially a CBD gummy can be found in every corner of the country from big cities to small towns, convenience stores to gas stations to bodegas.  This is both good and bad.

It's good because more people have access and may benefit from Hemp CBD oil. But it's also bad because different mediocre CBD companies or CBD oil brands are cropping up every day. Many of these lower quality CBD brands use poor CBD oil or CBD oil with low levels of CBD sourced from Europe or Asia. When choosing the best CBD gummy, you need to make sure that the CBD oil gummy has been tested for heavy metals or pesticides.

USA Grown Hemp CBD

Choose a CBD Brand with USA Hemp

It is considered by most CBD experts that the best CBD oil comes from USA grown Hemp.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that you choose a CBD gummy whose gummies are made using CBD oil sourced from the USA. Some of the US States that have the highest quality Hemp are Colorado, California, Oregon and Kentucky. This is also very important to determine when looking to choose and find the best CBD gummy.  When you find gummies are made in those states, you can expect a pure relief product.

Review Lab Test Results

Fortunately, there are high quality Hemp CBD oil brands like Palm Organix™ who source high quality USA Hemp and rigorously lab tests their Hemp CBD products. Their high quality CBD products are a testament to their quality manufacturing and high farming standards and this information is readily available on their website. For example, before you make your purchase, you can read their lab reports and learn where they source their hemp which in turn helps you choose the best CBD gummies.  Palm Organix™ uses third party labs so you can see exactly what is in the product, what is not in the product and see mg of CBD per gummy.  Palm Organix CBD gummy has 10 mg of CBD per gummy.

Check the Company History

Therefore, don't buy the first CBD gummy you see without doing your own due diligence. Also,  you can recognize a reputable CBD brand from their online presence, web site experience, and CBD oil reviews. Always check to see their company history, reviews, address, philosophy, and contact information.  Finding a CBD company that has all these characteristics will help you choose the best CBD gummy. You can also check out the media websites such as their facebook, instagram, or pinterest page.

The information openly available about a CBD oil manufacturer will tell you a lot about a CBD brand. It should be fairly easy to determine whether the CBD brand is a professional well regarded CBD oil brand or a CBD oil brand looking to cut corners. Since you'll be consuming/ingesting the CBD gummy, go for well known, highly regarded, expert and trusted CBD oil brands. You may even be able to contact the company to discuss the product development. A reputable company will know all about their CBD products.

cbd gummy review

Look for CBD oil Online Reviews

Before making that CBD oil gummy purchase, read/scrutinize online reviews from other consumers to ensure you're making an informed decision and choosing the best CBD gummy. Online CBD oil reviews, whether good or bad, are the reflection of the CBD gummy you want to purchase.

Read the CBD Oil Testimonials

Testimonials from other CBD oil users will can help show you how to choose the best CBD gummies and help you decide if that CBD gummy, CBD oil, or CBD tincture will work for you. CBD oil reviews are great social proof for a CBD brand, plus consumers also will come to understand which CBD oil brands are of the highest quality.  By visiting multiple CBD oil review sites, you will gather a lot of information on what other buyers think of a certain CBD product which in turn will help you choose the best CBD gummy available in the marketplace.

These CBD oil gummy reviews should be a big part of the decision making process in choosing the best CBD gummy. Many times, the CBD gummy review and feedback will help you determine which CBD gummy to choose; hopefully you end up with the best CBD gummy.

Online CBD oil gummy reviews are the equivalent of word of mouth. Therefore, a CBD gummy should have top-notch ratings and excellent reviews from hemp CBD oil buyers or CBD gummy users.

broad spectrum cbd gummy

Know the Type/Variety of CBD in Your Gummy

CBD is generally categorized as full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate. Each CBD classification has different chemical compositions; therefore, depending on which category you choose, you will likely end up with a different CBD experience.

Full Spectrum

Full-spectrum CBD means that the CBD gummy or CBD oil has all the chemical make-up of cannabis plants including THC in the CBD gummy, however in order to be legal, the CBD gummy must not exceed .3% THC.  Users of full spectrum state that by using the entire plant in making CBD Oil allows the user to feel the entourage effect.

Broad Spectrum

Broad-spectrum CBD means that the CBD product has all chemical make-up of the Hemp plants excluding THC. Therefore, it is full-spectrum CBD minus the THC component, or in the case of Palm Organix™ you end up with all the beneficial components of the Hemp plant minus THC (0.0% THC) as supported by our lab results which come from a third party lab.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate contains only one component.  Hence why it is referred to as an isolate since all other compounds of cannabis are removed (terpenes, flavonoids and THC included.)  Many CBD experts do not recommend Isolates as Terpenes and Flavonoids are considered important. 

When choosing the best CBD gummy, the label should show the details on what variety of CBD it is.  A CBD oil brand that does not prominently display or relay this information cannot be considered credible and should be eliminated when you look to choose the best CBD gummy.  You should also look for Hemp grown in the US.  The US is considered to be the finest supplier of industrial hemp in the world and is the most desired for high quality product

Therefore, you should be choosing from CBD isolate gummy bears, full-spectrum CBD gummy bears, or broad-spectrum CBD gummy bears.

Best Hemp CBD Gummy

Recap of what to look for in CBD Gummies

Hemp CBD gummies are edibles and a tasty way to ingest CBD oil. Most people enjoy consuming CBD oil gummies as they generally taste better than the many other methods of consuming CBD oil edibles. Unlike CBD oil which is generally considered sour, CBD gummies are a favorite among both new and experienced hemp extract CBD users. However, choosing the best Hemp CBD gummies can be confusing in a market saturated with so many CBD gummy products and 1000’s of CBD retailers selling these delicious edibles. Fortunately, by knowing the THC levels, the CBD ingredients, finding a trusted CBD oil brand, online CBD oil reviews, and the type of CBD oil used, you are bound to choose the best CBD gummies.

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