CBD for Immunity Support

CBD for Immunity Support

Having a strong immunity system is an essential part of healthy living. Although your body has its own immune system, there are natural ways to boost your immunity. Many consumers are seeking additional ways to protect their bodies from colds, viruses, and other bugs that can reduce productivity and prevent them from meeting their wellness goals. People are achieving heightened levels by staying fit, reducing anxiety, improving sleep quality, and using CBD for a strong immunity system.

The importance of Immunity Health

As much as you may want to some days, you can’t walk around the world in a bubble suit. And for your health, you shouldn’t. Your body has a natural immunity to protect you from infections, viruses, and diseases. Certain situations can reduce the effectiveness of your body’s defenses, such as a poor diet, excess weight, and poor sleep.

What’s great is that you have control over these conditions that can lower immunity. This means that you can correct errors and reduce any deficiencies reducing your body’s ability to defend itself. CBD for immunity is a potential game-changer for improving your overall fighting power.

The ECS and Immunity

CBD is a phytocannabinoid found in the hemp plant that interacts with the endocannabinoid system. The compound is one of at least 545 plant chemicals that have wellness benefits. Also known as the ECS, it’s a complex cell-signaling system that helps maintain symmetry, or balance, throughout the body of all mammals. The ECS includes endocannabinoids (internal cannabinoids), cannabinoid receptors, and enzymes.

The two primary receptors, the CB1 and CB2, are found throughout the body. Studies show that the ECS plays a vital role in many of the body’s functions, including mood regulation, pain, memory, stress, sleep, metabolism, and reproductive and immune function. Cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) are found throughout the body, from the central immune system to the different layers of your skin. As mentioned, CBD and the other 100 or more known phytocannabinoids can activate the receptors in the body.

CBD for Maintaining a Healthy Weight  

Part of a healthy immune system is maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise. People who don’t get proper nutrition are at risk of developing nutritional deficiencies. When the body isn’t balanced, your immune system isn’t working at maximum performance, leaving you open to contracting infections.

While CBD oil won’t help you eat better, CBD oil may aid with the second part of the recipe. Regular exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight is the leading cause of many diseases, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease, and certain cancers. Excess weight can also increase your chances of developing illnesses.

Regular exercise isn’t pain-free. An intense workout often leaves you with muscle soreness. For many people that are new to daily fitness, painful muscles and joints can be a deterrent to future workouts. Additionally, too much pressure on your body can even reduce your ability to exercise over the next few days. CBD may relieve sore muscles and shorten the recovery time so you can get back to the gym faster. By eating well-balanced meals and staying fit, you can help boost your immunity naturally.

Anxiety, CBD, and Immunity

Anxiety is prevalent across America. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, about 31% of adults in the U.S. will experience anxious feelings in their lifetime. Anxious feelings can fuel stress, and both can make it harder for your body to fight off antigens. This can make you more susceptible to illnesses. 

Broad-spectrum CBD softgels may reduce anxiety, and with that, lower stress levels. Researchers are still learning about all CBD’s characteristics, but both current studies and consumer reports support CBD for anxiety. The broad-spectrum formula is THC-free, which means you won’t risk increasing anxious feelings. CBD for immunity health may include reducing stress and anxiety and leave your body free to fight all the viral agents in the world.

Sleep Better with CBD

You can’t defend yourself from diseases and other conditions if you’re not getting enough sleep. The time your body spends resting at night allows it to heal, rejuvenate, and take a break from the daily grind. People that purchase CBD Softgels often credit the all-natural hemp-derivative for improving their sleep quality.

While research supports CBD for falling asleep faster, the scientists don’t know precisely how the ECS and CBD work together. However, many believe that by reducing anxiety and muscle pain, you naturally just sleep better. This theory is plausible because many people mention that worrying and stress often keep them awake longer. In addition to the anxious feelings, pain, and inflammation can lead to tossing and turning instead of sleeping. Fewer worries and less discomfort can soothe the mind and body, allowing it to gently fall asleep.

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Use Supplements and CBD for Immunity Health

Along with CBD, you can try supplements, such as vitamins, to increase natural immunity. One supplement, dried yeast fermentate, may provide significant help when trying to ward off symptoms of the common cold and even seasonal allergies. A 2012 study of dried yeast fermentate using 300 adult participants and not animal studies, found,

“DF has demonstrated the potential to favorably modulate immune responses without excessive suppression or stimulation of overall immune activity.”

Most people don’t get enough vitamins and other vital nutrients with their daily eating habits. Increasing how much vitamin C you take won’t prevent the cold you’re already developing or stop you from getting sick in the first place.  But, Vitamin C is still an essential nutrient that supports healthy immune function. As discussed earlier, when you’re under extra stress, which can occur from outside forces, such as work and financial or internal issues, such as fighting a cold or a rough allergy season, your immunity decreases. This means that it’s not providing normal function, and a boost of vitamins and other supplements may help improve your overall health.

The National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements, explains,

“The body also needs vitamin C to make collagen, a protein required to help wounds heal. In addition, vitamin C improves the absorption of iron from plant-based foods and helps the immune system work properly to protect the body from disease.”

Combined with an increase in essential vitamins and dried yeast fermentate, CBD for a strong immunity system may possibly help you stay healthy and keep meeting your daily personal, nutritional, and fitness goals.

CBD for Immunity and Your Well Being

As mentioned, CBD is an excellent addition to any wellness plan. Combine the potential to relieve sore muscles, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep with a daily CBD softgel. You may enhance your body’s ability to protect itself against viruses and diseases. Additionally, using CBD softgels with dried yeast fermentate and vitamins may boost your natural defense system.

Many consumers are looking for natural ways to boost their immunity and add an extra layer of protection against the world’s ills. Consider trying CBD for immunity support. Hemp-derived broad-spectrum CBD oil may improve your overall well being and, in return, promote a strong immunity system. Each all-natural Immune Blend CBD Softgel contains 10 mg of CBD, 250 mg of dried yeast fermentate, and 62.5mcg of Vitamin D3.

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