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February 25, 2020

CBD Daily: 5 Tips for Adding CBD to Your Routine Plus a Dosage Guide

Are you interested in adding CBD to your daily routine?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard about this powerful natural remedy. More and more people are using CBD to improve their health and wellness, have more energy, feel better, or perhaps address the symptoms of some of the health and wellness conditions they have struggled with for too long.  

As CBD becomes more popular, hundreds of simple to use CBD products are hitting the market. It is now easier than ever before to get your daily dose of CBD.

But, if CBD is new to you, you might not know where to get started.

No worries, this guide is for you!

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Keep reading for our top five tips on CBD daily use, plus great  health information on how to take CBD oil, and a helpful guide to proper CBD dosage.

cbd 1

Using CBD Daily

First things first, what is CBD?

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD , is a natural chemical compound found in the marijuana or hemp plant. In most cases the the cannabis plant is processed to make a hemp extract, which contains CBD and other cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN. 

Certain CBD oil products will contain traces of THC, and are referred to as Full Spectrum. Other hemp derived CBD products will remove the THC from the CBD oil, and these are referred to as Broad Spectrum. Unlike THC, the primary active ingredient in marijuana which has psychoactive side effects, CBD does not get you high.

When using CBD, you should not expect feelings of euphoria. Instead, CBD offers natural health benefits relief for a variety of health and wellness issues, especially when used daily.

Depending on how you use it, CBD is as easy to work into your routine as a daily multivitamin. Keep the following tips in mind to make your first experience with CBD daily use a breeze!

CBD Daily Tips and Guide

1. What are You Looking to Achieve with CBD oil products?

Before you start any daily CBD dosage regimen, you should consider your health and wellness goals.

Since CBD is sold in many different strengths and forms, you'll want to choose the right product for your desired health and wellness goals. You should always take on one health concern at a time and look to make improvements in that specific area.

Keep your expectations realistic. CBD is a powerful natural remedy, but it isn't a wonder drug. Proper use may help to improve your overall health and wellness but you may have to be patient as in many instances, CBD may take a few weeks to build up in your system.

Of course, depending on your level of health concerns, you may want to discuss daily use and dosage with your doctor before getting started with any CBD product for daily use. 

cbd 4

2. Select a form of CBD

How fast do you want to feel relief from your symptoms? There are different CBD delivery options to choose from which range from fast acting to longer lasting.  

For the fastest results possible, inhalation (smoking and vaping) is the fastest way to deliver CBD into your system. Although this method only takes minutes to work, it is less healthy than other CBD delivery options. Keep in mind that inhaling smoke and vape juice isn't good for lung health.

Sublingual use, or placing drops of CBD oil or tincture under your tongue is the second-fastest way to get your daily CBD dose. This method allows most of the CBD you take to bypass your digestive system as the CBD is absorbed directly into your bloodstream, taking effect in 20 to 30 minutes. This is an extremely popular if not the most popular method for CBD consumption.  

On the other hand, CBD edibles like CBD gummies, softgels, or capsules take longer to work than other products, up to 90 minutes, however they may last a few hours longer. 

For more information on specific CBD products please feel free to reach out to the customer service team at Palm Organix who can help answer your CBD questions, and advise on which products you should order for your CBD daily routine.

cbd 5

3. Decide on Duration

How long do you want CBD relief to last? CBD doesn't get you high, and you might not even feel it working if you use a low dose, but, it is still essential to decide how long you want its healing effects to last.

If you choose a fast-acting method like vaping for your CBD use, you can expect the effects to be short-lived. That's why most users prefer CBD sublingual and CBD edible applications. 

Although you might have to wait awhile for initial symptom relief, these methods will keep you feeling better for longer. In some cases, for multiple hours!

If you are searching for improved muscle or joint function, or improved mobility, you may want to consider using time-release capsules or CBD softgels.

Since the CBD nutritional supplements break down slowly in your digestive system when taking edibles, ie CBD gummies or softgels, they are a great way to receive a consistent and steady stream of CBD.

cbd oil duration

4. Focus on Impact

How are you hoping CBD will affect your body? Before choosing a CBD product for daily use, consider how you want to feel after using it.

Most CBD users don't want to experience the high that comes with regular marijuana use. However it is important to note that some CBD supplements do contain trace amounts of THC. It is important to thoroughly read all CBD product packaging carefully, especially the active ingredients list, to avoid an accidental dose of THC. In order to be 100% certain you do not consume THC, you may want to choose a Broad Spectrum CBD product like those offered by Palm Organix™ 

Additionally, CBD products may contain secondary supplements to help manage your symptoms. Keep an eye out for effective active ingredients like melatonin, turmeric, caffeine, camphor and curcumin which may help alleviate certain concerns.

Combining CBD with these extra ingredients can help with targeted relief for specific needs such as a restful night’s sleep, improved mood and focus, or support for joint and muscle function. 

If you are getting started with CBD to help with joint function and reduced mobility, you might prefer a topical CBD product for daily use. Consider a CBD salve or lotion for targeted application.

Topical CBD products do not affect your body on a system-wide level, so simply apply them directly to the targeted area of discomfort.  

cbd drops 3

5. Safety First

No matter which CBD product you ultimately choose, you should always read the products packaging before you take the first dose. Make sure that you understand how much to take, how long it will last, and how often you should use it.

Many products, like CBD gummies, are very similar to candy. This makes CBD gummies an excellent option for users who don't like to take pills. 

Also, it is important that you store all CBD products in their original packaging, and keep them in a safe location. This extra precaution is especially important if you spend time around children.

You should always follow a CBD product's dosage instructions and labeling and always start with a low CBD dose and work your way higher until you reach the desired level.

Additionally, all quality CBD products will be supported by Certificates of Quality Assurance and third party lab testing to ensure potency and efficacy.

CBD Daily Tips plus dosage guide

Your CBD Oil Daily Dose

What is the correct CBD dose for you?

A variety of factors determine how much CBD you should take and how often you should take CBD. But, if you're new to using CBD products, there are some essential guidelines to keep in mind.

You might have already noticed that many edible CBD products are sold with a recommended dosage of 5mg to 10mg. Even if you're an experienced CBD user, you should start with a low dose and work your daily use up from there.

Remember that these CBD products may take 30 to 90 minutes to work, so be patient while you wait for their effects. If you've taken the recommended starting dose and feel no change after a full hour and a half, you can always use a tiny bit more.

On the other hand, time-released options like capsules and softgels often come in larger doses like 20 or 25mg. 

CBD oil tinctures for sublingual use should be taken in minimal doses, starting with 5 mg to 10 mg. These products are potent and fast-acting, and you don't want to overdo it. 

You should always follow product instructions to avoid an incorrect dosage. There are seldom side effects with CBD daily use, however if you do experience negative effect such as lethargy or dry mouth you should discontinue use.

CBD Daily tips plus dosage guide

How do CBD Products Work?

CBD oil products work directly with the bodies endocannabinoid system (ECS). The body produces it's own cannabinoids, endocannabinoids, and the ECS has receptors that CBD will bind to to help keep the body in homeostasis. To learn more about the ECS check out our blog here.

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Palm Organix CBD

Palm Organix started in 2018 to bring premium, broad spectrum CBD oil products to all those looking to benefit from natural supplements. We believe in educating the consumer, and providing excellent customer support and service through out their CBD wellness journey.

All of our CBD legal hemp derived products are third party lab tested and the results are available on our website. Our CBD oil is THC free and we use the very desirable MCT carrier oil in our products for maximum absorption.

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Now that you know a bit about CBD daily use, you may be ready to give this natural health and wellness supplement a try.

Keep our tips in mind while selecting a CBD product for daily use. Don't exceed the recommended dosage, especially if you're new to using CBD.

When in doubt, speak with a medical professional before incorporating CBD into your daily routine. If you're using CBD supplements for the first time, consider keeping a journal of your goals. This will help determine how you are progressing on a daily basis.

Check out our other blog posts for more educational information on all things CBD related. 


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