Can CBD Oil Go Bad

Can CBD Oil Go Bad?

Can CBD Oil Go Bad?

A frequently asked question by new CBD oil consumers is, “Can my CBD oil go bad?” The quick answer is yes, it does go bad. But, how long it lasts depends on a variety of different aspects. Quality, packaging, and storage all play a crucial role in determining how long your CBD oil will last.

Quality of the CBD Oil

 No matter what product you buy, quality items tend to last longer. Cars, appliances, clothes…you name it. The better quality an item is, the longer it’s likely to last. CBD oil is no different.

The quality of the hemp the CBD was extracted from, as well as the method used to derive it, can both have a significant effect on the shelf life of the final product. CBD oil from high-quality hemp grown in nutrient-rich soil extracted using state-of-the-art extraction methods will have a much longer shelf life than CBD oil extracted from weak industrial hemp grown in unfit conditions.

Palm Organix™ CBD products are formulated with only the finest USA grown phytocannabinoid rich hemp, and the team at Palm Organix™ provides honest information about how their premium CBD products are produced. Their extensive testing means you are getting a product you can trust to be free of any harmful chemicals or pesticides, as well as THC-Free. All of their CBD oil products come with Certificates of Quality assurance from their manufacturer, and even after that, they send their CBD products out a 2nd time for 3rd party lab testing.

All of this rigorous Lab testing, results, and information — as well as expiration dates for your product — can be found here.

Can CBD Oil Go Bad

CBD Oil Packaging

Packaging is yet another important factor that will determine how long your CBD will last. CBD oil tinctures store best in amber or blue dropper bottles, which is why Palm Organix™ packages their CBD oil tinctures in dark, amber bottles.

These colored bottles protect the CBD oil against exposure to heat, light and air, which all have a role in the breakdown of cannabinoids, as well as terpenes. Packaging really does matter and plays an integral role in the shelf life of your CBD.

Storage of Your CBD Oil

While seeing that exposure to heat, air and light all play a significant role in the shelf life of CBD oil, proper storage is crucial. In order to prolong the shelf life of CBD, it’s best to avoid these elements as much as possible.

The best place to store your CBD oil is in a dark, cool environment, out of direct sunlight. This ensures the CBD oil stays as fresh as possible for as long as possible. If you have recently purchased a high-quality CBD oil such as the ones sold at Palm Organix™, how you store it is one of the most important determining factors in how long your CBD oil will last.

Can CBD Oil Go Bad

Store Away From Light and Heat

Research shows that exposure to light is one of the greatest factors in the loss of cannabinoids in CBD. Exposure to sunlight or even artificial light can rapidly speed up the degradation process of CBD oil. While it certainly is tempting to display your bottle of CBD oil on a sunny kitchen window ledge, doing so should be avoided at all costs.

Sure, the tincture bottles are designed to filter light so freshness is kept, but when in direct light or in a well-lit location, your CBD oil will not stay fresh as long as it can. Our recommendation is to keep CBD in a pantry cupboard away from any appliances that may produce heat.

Also, the cooler the temperature your CBD oil is kept, the fresher it will hold. Warmer temperatures can cause slight changes to the chemical composition of your CBD oil. While this won’t render your CBD useless, it can diminish the quality a bit and cause your oil to become somewhat cloudy.

Give Your CBD Oil a Long Shelf Life

As you now know, the shelf life of CBD all depends on the quality of the original product and the way your CBD oil is stored. 

When it comes to wellness, CBD oil may do wonders. Give your CBD oil the proper attention it deserves by ensuring it’s stored properly, and there’s no reason you won’t be able to use the CBD oil for months (and even years) to come as most CBD products are dated on the packaging to be good for 12-18 months from the date of manufacture.

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