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August 6, 2019

Buy CBD Oil - Your Step by Step Cannabidiol Buyers Guide

Table of Contents

So you are interested in CBD and you are looking for how to buy CBD oil your step by step cannabidiol buyers guide. Well you came to the right place as this CBD oil guide is full of information!

What you will Learn

In this blog, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about buying CBD, Hemp Oil, THC, how CBD manufacturers make CBD products, CBD vape, CBD Tinctures, topical CBD, CBD Softgels, CBD gummy bears, Full Spectrum CBD versus Broad Spectrum CBD, serving size, third party lab testing and certificates of analysis, benefits of CBD, and how to buy CBD oil products online, and how much CBD people take in this step by step cannabidiol guide.  There is a lot to cover so let's get started.

is cbd legal guide

Is CBD Legal?

Yes, it is legal at the Federal level but some states have their own laws. Even though all 50 states are well on their way to legalizing the production of CBD oil from marijuana, hemp oil, or both.  In fact, in some states CBD oil products may be legal but certain counties may not allow the sale of CBD in their counties.  So it is important to check you local, and state laws.

cbd oil testing guide

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Is CBD Testing Required?

States do not require CBD oil product testing by brands at this time. Testing is difficult to enforce as the lab testing industry is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration or any other federal agency so it is important to buy your CBD products from reputable and first class CBD oil producers.

CBD Testing Criteria

Among the few states that do require CBD oil testing by brands, the criteria vary greatly. This results in the need for consumers to be exceptionally vigilant considering they will have to rely on CBD manufacturers to police themselves.  When considering various brands, do you homework

Be an Educated CBD Consumer

Consumers and advocates of CBD products should inform themselves as much as possible when they are buying CBD oil. For every CBD product, this information should include where the plants are grown, levels of THC they contain, and if possible, any contaminants to which the plants have been exposed.  Check the certificate of analysis and this information should all be included when dealing with a reputable supplier of products

When choosing CBD oil products, it is important to know that healthy plants lead to the best CBD products.  We have created a use CBD guide that details helpful tips to keep in mind when shopping and buying CBD products.  Please continue reading our exclusive CBD oil step by step cannabidiol Buyers Guide.

CBD products guide

Step 1 - Buying CBD - Determine Why You Want CBD and What Form of CBD One Should Take

It may seem obvious that the first step should be to decide why you are going to take CBD oil or Hemp oil products. You should do your homework and understand the benefits of the Hemp plant.  Research has shown CBD to be beneficial for several conditions, therefore it is recommended to identify the specific health and wellness goal you want to address with CBD and then deciding which CBD product is best for your sweet spot.  We always recommend CBD consumers buy CBD oil products made from industrial hemp extract.  Oil made from Hemp is high quality.

Hemp Oil Differences

It is very important to note that you want to purchase Hemp Extract CBD oil and Not Hemp Seed Oil.  Hemp seed oil is nothing more than the seeds of the hemp plant pressed and has zero to no medical value and perhaps at best only trace amounts of CBD oil.  Stick to Hemp Extract CBD and do not be fooled into purchasing Hemp seed oil when searching for CBD made from hemp oil.

cbd oil tincture guide

Using a CBD Tincture

Tinctures are the most popular means used to consume CBD oil.  Made from the Hemp plant, CBD tinctures are one of the fastest methods for absorbing CBD. By using a tincture which allows you to place the drops under the tongue, the CBD oil enters the bloodstream through the blood vessels and capillaries of the mouth.  You then swallow the liquid after 60 to 90 seconds.

Under the Tongue equals Sublingual

This CBD delivery method is referred to as sublingual and provides faster bioavailability. CBD oil Tinctures are typically applied with a dropper, but they also come in a spray. Many people who want to maintain a state of calmness choose this CBD option.  Tinctures are available with different levels of THC (Full Spectrum) and without THC (Broad Spectrum).  CBD Tinctures also come in different flavors and different CBD strengths.

CBD Tincture Buying Tip

Quality CBD tinctures are ideal for those looking for fast effects from CBD. Tinctures are one of the quickest ways to feel the effects of cannabinoids as they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, sublingually. If you are not familiar with administering sublingually, it is simply a term used for releasing the tincture oil under the tongue, holding for 60 seconds, and then swallowing. Additionally, tinctures offer the convenience and flexibility of increasing or decreasing the daily serving size of CBD as needed as they are available in different CBD per bottle. Our 30ml CBD oil Tincture bottles come in different concentrations and flavors (Orange and Mint).

To learn how to properly use a CBD tincture, please check out our New Buyers Guide.

cannabidiol extraction

How CBD Tinctures are made

To make CBD tinctures, CBD is extracted from hemp plants using a solvent like ethanol or by using pressurized carbon dioxide gas, or CO2 for short. The ethanol is then removed under a vacuum and the CBD oil/Hemp oil that remains is diluted with oil. Coconut oil, hemp oil, grape seed oil or sesame oil are commonly used to preserve the Hemo  cannabidiol and improve the taste of the CBD product.

Make Sure and hold CBD oil under tongue for 60 Seconds

It is suggested to keep a dose of the CBD tincture under your tongue for a minimum of 60 seconds before swallowing, to maximize the absorption rate and the effects of the CBD oil.  Serving size varies based on weight and the health and wellness issue you are looking to address with CBD.  For more on CBD serving size, please refer to our CBD oil dosing guide.

cbd oil topicals guide

CBD Topicals

Other CBD delivery options are topicals, creams, and salves.  Rubbed into the skin, the reaction time for a CBD topical is generally quick, however individual results will vary from person to person. Some people feel the effects from the CBD oil almost immediately, others not for an hour. Topicals are applied directly onto areas of sore joints or muscles.

Topicals and Promoting Mobility

Research has shown that CBD and a CBD topical may help you promote and support muscle and joint function by helping to maintain a normal and healthy level of mobility. CBD Balms and CBD salves commonly include Hemp oil and other extracts that are mixed with fat like coconut oil or beeswax. This combination makes the CBD easier to apply and penetrate into the skin.

Topicals, unlike other forms of CBD, aren’t absorbed into the entire body. They are more local to the application site.

cbd salve skincare

Topical CBD Buying Tip

Hemp based CBD Topicals can promote targeted relief as they are absorbed directly through the skin. If you are in need of targeted relief for sore muscles, a nagging knee injury, or any specific area of your body, our line of  topicals are great cannabis products to try. For best CBD results rub in thoroughly.

Purchasing a CBD Topical at Brick and Mortar

If you are purchasing topical CBD in a retail location, consider asking if you can sample the CBD oil product as it is common for some to feel the effects of the Hemp oil shortly after applying it. Many reputable sellers of CBD cannabis products allow their customers to sample their product when people are considering buying CBD product.  This way if you are unsure if the CBD product is for you, but you do notice an effect later in the day, you can return to the store and purchase the product you tested and enjoy the health benefits of the CBD product.

Know the Levels of THC

Be sure to ask the sales person if the CBD product you are purchasing about the levels of THC (Full Spectrum) or if it is THC-Free (Broad Spectrum).  Many people for numerous reasons do not wish to consume CBD oil that contains THC no matter how little THC is in the milligrams of CBD.

Celebrities who use CBD 2 scaled

Types of CBD Topicals

There are many different types of topicals derived from hemp to choose from.  Below is a list of some of the most popular CBD topicals with a brief description:

CBD Salve

A CBD salve is a topical generally made with beeswax and has high levels of hemp oil in a think paste like form.  CBD salves are very popular and a little bit goes a long way for spot treating targeted body parts.

CBD Roll On

A CBD oil roll on is designed to deliver CBD hemp oil directly to a targeted spot on the body without getting your hands messy with oil.  These CBD products are very popular for those with an active lifestyle, for example tennis or golf players.  When looking to buy CBD products, consider a CBD roll.

CBD Lip Balm

CBD oil lip balms are popular for those looking to soothe chapped and cracked lips.  A lip balm, when infused with CBD oil makes for a terrific anti inflammatory product.  The amount of CBD per lip balm may be on the lower side but it is a strong concentration of CBD.

CBD Lotion with Camphor (for pain)

CBD lotions are also infused with other ingredients to make their effects even greater.  A popular form of CBD lotion is the CBD camphor lotion.  The benefits of CBD with Camphor is Camphor is a natural pain reliever.  There are many types of CBD products and oil in the marketplace but if you are looking to use CBD product type infused with a pain reliever, consider the CBD Camphor lotion.


CBD Face Mask

A CBD face mask is very much like other face masks except they are infused with hemp derived CBD oil.  Facemasks generally come in a two piece CBD sheet mask or as a cream you apply to the skin.  CBD Facemasks are a popular product for those seeking the benefits of CBD derived from the hemp cannabis plants.  CBD face masks generally do not contain much CBD, often around 10 milligrams of CBD oil per mask (serving size is 1 mask).

If you are near the Palisades Center stop by Palm Organix™ to try your sample of Hemp CBD topical.  We only carry THC Free products and we would love to show you why our cannabinoid products that are THC are a great CBD choice and discuss the different concentration of CBD in different products and we can help you find your sweet spot.  For more information please check out Palm Organix CBD Store.


CBD Gummies and Edibles

CBD products in edible form, like CBD oil gummies, are the CBD products that take the longest to make their way into your system and have the lowest absorption rate. Since they are produced from Hemp plants, these CBD products may have the smell of freshly cut grass due to the hemp oil used to make them.  Therefore CBD producers of gummies mask the flavor by blending in other flavors that masks the natural scent or taste of the hemp oil in the CBD so it may not be an issue.  High quality CBD gummies are made from hemp oil and should have certificates of analysis readily available on the web site or in the store.

CBD Edibles Shelf Life

Some retailers opt for gummies or edibles because they have a longer shelf life and won’t degrade if they are kept in a dry, cool location. Edibles with hemp oil are also easy to carry with you in a bag, backpack or purse.  Baked CBD oil goods such as CBD cookies or CBD brownies might have a shorter shelf life and need to be refrigerated to ensure the CBD oil product stays fresh.

CBD Aftertaste in Edibles

On the other hand, some other CBD products like CBD brownies, CBD cake or CBD oil cookies when CBD infused may feature the distinct flavor of the CBD which tends to be bitter.  Hemp oil has a strong distinct flavor.

CBD Gummies Buying Tip

CBD gummies increase your daily milligrams of CBD oil intake simply and conveniently by adding a gummy or two to your regime throughout the day. The Palm Organix™ tasty mixed fruit gummies are perfect for the busy person who is always on the go.  Each CBD gummy provides 10 milligrams of CBD which can help you feel the effects of CBD oil.

CBD Drink

CBD Energy Drinks

CBD drinks are also a popular way to consume CBD products.  Some CBD drinks come pre mixed and others come in a powder form.  One of the benefits of consuming CBD in drink form is that finding CBD infused drinks at a restaurant, café or retailer is quite easy in many states.

How and When to Use CBD Drinks

CBD drinks are great products for using at the gym, substituting for an afternoon coffee or tea.  Many CBD user prefer CBD energy drinks to other CBD products.

cbd oil drinks guide

CBD Energy Drinks

CBD Energy Buying Tip

Palm Organix™ CBD drink mix combines CBD plus caffeine for those looking for a boost without the jitters. Many gyms and health clubs nationwide carry our CBD drink mix for pre and post-workout hydration. Other customers enjoy substituting our CBD Energy Drink Mix packets in lieu of their afternoon coffee to get through a long workday. Simply mix our single-serve convenient packet with your water bottle and you’re good to go.  A tasty way to increase you hemp oil intake. 

Click the link to learn more about Palm Organix CBD Energy Drink.

cbd oil softgels guide

CBD Softgels and Capsules

If in pill form, the CBD capsules oil will most likely be tasteless even though they are made from hemp oil. The advantages to the CBD capsules in oil form are that generally, pills or CBD capsules may be the easiest option for maintaining a consistent level of CBD oil in your body. With our Palm Organix™ CBD softgels, for example, these Hemp oil CBD capsules undergo a process involving nano-emulsion technology to provide consumers with the fastest, and the highest level of bioavailability on the market.

CBD Softgels Buying Tip

This guide to CBD feels that CBD softgels made from hemp oil are one of the simplest and most convenient methods to take CBD oil and is the highest absorption rate for any of our CBD products because of our nanoemulsion technology. CBD Softgels can be taken morning or night, with or without food, and are easily digested and absorbed. Our Hemp oil derived CBD softgels are extremely popular and are most commonly purchased by those seeking relief from chronic pain.

CBD Oil Softgel Sale scaled

Types of CBD softgels and CBD Capsules

Plain Softgels:

Plain CBD softgels are simply CBD oil encapsulated in a gel coating.  Generally the are available in milligrams of CBD as follows:  10 milligrams of CBD oil, 25 milligrams of CBD oil and sometimes even 50 milligrams of CBD oil.  These CBD capsules are extremely popular and convenient

Speciality Blended Hemp CBD oil Softgels:

Some brands like Palm Organix™ have CBD Softgel products infused with other ingredients.  Palm Organix™ offers a CBD softgel with 10 milligrams of Curcumin plus 25 milligrams of CBD oil.  Additionally, other popular ingredients or supplements to infuse in CBD oil Softgels and CBD capsules include Dried Yeast Fermentate and Melatonin.  Palm Organix™ offers a 25 milligrams of CBD softgel with 1 mg of Melatonin.  The CBD softgel with dried yeast fermentate is also popular as dried yeast fermentate is believed to boost the bodies immunity system.

Click to learn more about Palm Organix CBD Softgels.

cbd oil pet treats guide

CBD Pet Treat

Just like humans, Pets and all mammals have an endocannibinoid system.  As discussed, CBD extracted from the Hemp plant is believed to work in conjunction with the Endocannabinoid system to bring the body into homeostasis or balance.  The same is true for dogs, cats or any other pets that are mammals.   Pet owners, particularly those people who own dogs like to give their pets CBD in an effort to help with separation anxiety and joint and muscle mobility.

CBD Products for Pets Include:

CBD Chews

CBD oil chews are very convenient and an easy way to provide your pet with CBD products.  Pet chews come in different flavors and different strengths.  Made from PCR Hemp oil these are extremely popular.

CBD oil for pets 2 scaled

CBD Pet Tincture

Other Pet owners prefer to give their pets CBD oil by using a tincture.  The tinture can be given straight to the dog via his mouth (if he will let you) otherwise a common way to provide your pet CBD oil if to place the CBD oil from the tincture directly on the dog or cats kibble.

Per the Palm Organix™ vet, CBD oil dosage for pets is 2-4 mg of CBD oil per 25 pounds per day.  For more detail on Pet CBD oil dosage, and options, please refer to our CBD pet dosage guide.

Palm Organix CBD Oil ft CBD Pet Treats and Tincture 01 scaled

Pets and Full Spectrum CBD is a NO NO

When buying CBD oil for your pet, it is important to avoid Full Spectrum CBD oil.  Full Spectrum means the CBD oil has THC and it is strongly advised to not give Full Spectrum CBD oil to your pet.

CBD Pet Treats Buying Tip

Customers love our veterinary approved CBD pet line for their furry friends. Pets play an important role in our lives, so our thoughtfully crafted tinctures and CBD treats contain only premium pure ingredients.

Our customers use the Palm Organix™ line of pet products to help promote tranquility and focus, and for mobility. Our Vet recommends 2-4mg of CBD per 25 pounds of pet.

Click to learn more about Palm Organix™ CBD pet treats.

cbd oil vape guide

CBD Vape

CBD Vape is the act of smoking the oil from CBD through and electronic vape oil pen.  CBD vape pens hit the market strong when CBD became federally legal with the 2018 Farm Bill Act.  Soon thereafter, many users of CBD who were consuming the CBD from CBD vape pens began to fall ill.  This has made CBD Vape a controversial CBD product.

CBD Vape equals Fast CBD delivery

One of the reasons CBD vape oil became so popular is because CBD vape is the fastest way to deliver CBD to the body.   By smoking the hemp oil in a CBD Vape, the delivery of CBD to the system is almost instant and users feel the hemp oil effects quickly.  CBD Vape oil however has many concerns.

CBD Vape has Medical Concerns

As fast as CBD Vape became popular, it quickly became the subject of state legislation and in some cases, CBD vape was prohibited.

The Future of CBD Vape

Even though CBD vape has its medical concerns, it continues to be popular with many hemp oil and CBD users. This oil guide is unsure of the future of this CBD method but recommends you follow the laws of your local jurisdiction before using this product.

CBD Vape Guidance

This oil guide advices that the consumer of CBD Vape do further due diligence into this CBD product before choosing CBD vape as a delivery method.  With so many CBD products to choose from as a means for delivery of CBD and Hemp oil, it is recommended that due diligence be conducted to select the best CBD products.where to buy cbd oil

Step 2 - Buying CBD - Always Be Aware of How Much THC is in the CBD Product

Consumers of CBD products often choose CBD over Medical marijuana because they do not want to get high or have THC in their system. In general, it would be considered wise to know the THC level of any CBD hemp oil product you consume.  CBD and Medical marijuana both come from the Cannabis sativa plant.  However medical marijuana comes from the marijuana version and CBD oil is generally sourced from the Hemp plant variety.

CBD in the Workplace

If you work in an industry where you will be tested for drugs, drive often, or if you are in any situation where a drug screening is required, you want to make sure your CBD products are 100% THC free sourced from hemp oil and avoid medical marijuana.

cbd oil vs thc

THC in Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana will have much more THC than the .3% permitted per the farm bill act.  Additionally, since medical marijuana has high levels of THC, you will likely fail a drug test screening for marijuana, even if it is medical marijuana.  There are generally no side effects to taking too much hemp oil CBD however if you take too much marijuana, whether it is medical marijuana or not, you might be putting your employment in jeopardy.

At Palm Organix, we sell a variety of products that are rich in CBD and our oil is guaranteed to be THC Free that is sourced from the best hemp oil.  We say this with confidence as every CBD product we sell comes with a Certificate of Quality Assurance from our Supplier, and is also sent out for Third-Party Lab Testing.

Sensitivity to THC

Many people are considering the use of CBD derived from hemp oil to naturally boost their health for the first time. Certain individuals may be more sensitive to THC psychoactive effects than other people. For them, CBD products with absolutely no THC sourced from hemp oil are highly recommended.

CBD Lab Testing is important

Step 3 - Buying CBD - Get the Lab Results

At Palm Organix, our cannabis products are lab tested by an independent third-party lab. The results of the tests are put on every batch of CBD products to ensure quality assurance and 100% total transparency.

It is strongly recommended that Certificates of Quality Assurance AND Third Party Lab Reports and any other relevant documentation that shows a CBD products level of THC and whether any contaminants were present is a must when purchasing CBD product.

In the state of Colorado, for example, CBD made from hemp oil is not legally required to be tested. Therefore, any organization (particularly in that state) who voluntarily tests their hemp oil products should be perceived in higher regard than a business that does not test their CBD products at all, or worse, avoids sharing them.

Avoid CBD Brands without proper testing

The bottom line is that if a retail store or online manufacturer of hemp oil CBD that does not test their products or refuses to release the results of any CBD tests that were conducted, you should avoid the retailer and their CBD products.

Some states have legalized the medical use of marijuana but not recreational use. In those states, testing is a bit less consistent. In some states like Connecticut, Hawaii, Florida, Maryland, and Minnesota, some testing is mandatory as reported by the National Cannabis Industry Association.

Other states like Arizona and Michigan do not require any testing at all of hemp oil products.

CBD Gummy Lab Report

How to read CBD Tests

Please read What is CBD? A Beginners Guide to Cannabidiol for a full breakdown of how to read your lab results and what to look for in the hemp oil including cannabinoid levels, levels ofTHC, CBD per product, concentration of CBD, in order to know you are purchasing the high quality CBD.

cbd oil farming guide

Step 4 - Buying CBD - Factors Seldom Considered When Buying CBD

Now that hemp oil derived from cannabis has become legal in most of the country, there are thousands of cannabis-related CBD products on store shelves. But making the determination of which CBD product to buy and what to avoid when buying CBD remains in the hands of the consumer.  Below are other factors to consider when buying CBD products online.

Agricultural and Farming Techniques

When farmers cultivate hemp plants derived from cannabis, they have three primary objectives.

Step 1

First, they must ensure the plants do not absorb any potentially harmful chemicals or substances that may exist in the soil.  This is essential to ensure the CBD product and oil is of first class quality in order to be sold to the best brands.

Step 2

Second, they must be aware of the number of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids each plant contains.

As you may know, THC is the psychoactive compound found in Cannabis plants that gives the user a euphoric feeling that is often referred to as high. However, CBD is the compound gaining notoriety for its possible benefits to one’s health and so long as the CBD contains less than .3% CBD mandated by the 2018 Farm Bill, the consumer should not experience any intoxicating side effects from CBD.

Step 3

Why are the priorities of farmers mentioned in a guide on how to buy CBD?

Coincidentally, the priorities of the farmers are the same ones that consumers should consider as they sift through the mountain of CBD products being sold around the world.

As the market continues to expand due to nearly insatiable hemp oil demand, the pool of options will continue to become polluted with products that come from unscrupulous sellers with ill intentions.

cbd oil chart

CBD Market Projections

According to a research report by the Brightfield Group, the CBD market is projected to increase by 700% by the year 2021. In 2016, the industry capped at approximately $292 million. In two years, it is estimated to surpass $2 billion.

Big Brands Eyeing CBD Industry

This CBD oil guide is also aware that big companies are looking into the CBD space.  Soft drink juggernaut Coca-Cola is rumored to be watching the CBD oil industry and possibly considering offering CBD in a new line of beverages.

cbd oil climate

Climate Change and Cannabis

Just like the considerations of the farmer, global climate change is also a seemingly unrelated topic that should be directly correlated to one’s research when buying CBD. If the weather causes stressful conditions for a cannabis crop, the plant produces more THC.

For the federal government to categorize a cannabis plant as “industrial hemp”, it must contain 0.3% of THC or less. Once the plant is considered industrial hemp by the federal qualification, states can legally allow it to be formulated into tinctures, topicals, capsules, softgels, and oils that can be widely sold to consumers.

THC levels Above .3% equals Marijuana

But if weather conditions are severe enough to cause a plant to produce THC levels that exceed 0.3%, the plant is then classified by the government to be marijuana. Once the plant is labeled marijuana, there are additional limits to where related products can be sold even in states where its use has been legalized.

As mentioned earlier, farmers and consumers should be aware of CBD plants absorbing contaminants. Plants in general readily take in pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals that are present in the water or soil.

Hemp Farmers and Product testing

To monitor and reduce a plant’s level of contamination, farmers and other growers should test their plants often as they are cultivated. Additionally, products that result from the plants should also be tested ideally by a third party to ensure objectivity.  The farmer or grower should produce a Certificate of Quality Assurance, and the Retailer should thereafter send the product out for independent third-party testing.

where can I buy cbd oil


Do your research

When buying CBD products online, it is strongly recommended to do your research. Know where the CBD oil or Hemp oil product was manufactured and whether it contains THC. Because much of the industry conducts their own self-policing, you are entirely responsible for conducting your own due diligence.

Buy CBD Oil from reputable Brands

It is much better to purchase products from reputable brands that not only test their products but also make sure the results of those tests readily available to the consumer for review.

Some CBD products mention they are derived from or use hemp seed oil. In a few cases, manufacturers mean CBD oil, but CBD and hemp seed oil are not the same.

Seed oil refers to the oil made from the seeds of the cannabis plant. Keep in mind it has trace amounts of CBD at best and zero to little medicinal value. Hemp seed has been sold in grocery stores for decades as oil used in cooking.

cbd oil miricle cure

Watch out for CBD Brands Making Miracle claims

Lastly, when buying CBD products online, avoid retailers who make bold health claims, even if those claims seem insignificant or minor. Even the assertion of treating something like a migraine or chronic pain is prohibited and banned by the Food and Drug Administration.

Only the manufacturers of approved prescription drugs have the legal right to make claims to treat a condition. Prescriptions drugs are federally regulated and undergo thorough testing for safety and effectiveness by the Food and Drug Administration before they are available to the public.

The more dramatic the claim (i.e. can treat heart disease or cure cancer), the more skeptical you should be.



The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. Please refer to privacy policy. All rights reserved.

Most Popular CBD Products

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This product is not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 18. The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act require this notice. PLEASE NOTE: Zero THC is defined as (0.0%) no detectable THC, as supported by our lab testing.

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