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Free Shipping to all U.S. addresses on All Orders

Free Shipping on All U.S. Orders

CBD Oil Tinctures

Our broad spectrum CBD tinctures are crafted with a proprietary strain of Phytocannabinoid-Rich hemp which is organically grown in Colorado, then extracted and processed in GMP certified facility.

Mint CBD Oil Tincture comes in: 225mg, 450mg, 900mg, 1350mg

Orange CBD Oil Tincture comes in: 500mg


CBD Softgels

Our CBD softgels contain water-soluble PCR hemp oil plus other minor cannabinoids and terpenes. They have been developed to provide maximum absorption and optimum bioavailability.

Available in 10mg & 25mg.

25mg CBD Softgels with Curcumin

25mg CBD Softgels with Melatonin

cbd edibles

CBD Topicals & Skin Care

Our CBD balm, lotion, and facemask are infused with our premier broad spectrum hemp plus many essential oils from  Lavender, eucalyptus, and camphor to name a few.

Available CBD Topical and CBD Skincare Products:

CBD Salve 450mg

CBD + Camphor Lotion 200mg

CBD Face Mask 10mg

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CBD Energy Drinks

Our Pure CBD Energy Drink packs each contain 12.5 mg PCR Hemp, in a water-soluble powder and can be added directly to your water bottle.  Enjoy the zero-calorie, zero-THC, delicious berry flavor and boost from the 75mg of caffeine in each pack.

Available CBD Energy Drink Packs:

CBD Energy Drink Mix with Caffeine | 1 Box (5 Packets)

CBD Energy Drink Mix with Caffeine | 5 Boxes of 5 packs

CBD Energy Drink Mix with Caffeine | 10 Boxes of 10 packs (Most Popular)

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CBD For Pets

Our veterinarian formulated CBD pet treats and tinctures contain broad spectrum PCR hemp and zero THC. The treats boast a tasty beef flavor while the tinctures have no flavor and can be added directly to your pet meals.

Available CBD Products For Pets:

CBD Oil For Dogs | 250mg

CBD Pet Treats | 2mg

CBD Oil For Pets | 250mg

cbd for dogs

CBD Gummies

Palm Organix CBD Gummies without melatonin are a tasty way to get your daily dose of CBD.  Each fruity CBD gummy contains 10mg of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp and as always, contains ZERO THC.

CBD Gummies available in:

CBD Gummies | 200mg

CBD Gummies | 200mg 2 Pack Bundle

CBD Gummies | 200mg 3 Pack Bundle

cbd gummies

Try Palm Organix™ Line Of Broad Spectrum CBD Products

Not all CBD products are created equal. Our line of broad-spectrum, phytocannabinoid rich CBD products is produced by the largest grower and processor of organic hemp in the United States. Using proprietary methods, this premium quality hemp is processed to remove all undesirable compounds, while preserving all the beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and amino acids.

Once the hemp is processed, and the THC content removed, all of our batches are tested in house and by a third party, independent lab to ensure the highest quality product for you. We then go a step further to break down the size of the oil molecules to ensure the highest absorption and bio-availability for all of our broad spectrum CBD products. We are confident once you try Palm Organix™, you will never want to try another brand again!

Our Products Contain The Best Ingredients

And because they do, we can promise our customers products that will be effective and beneficial in every step of their health and wellness journey. Because we use the best ingredients, we can assure our customers that our products are free of the “bad stuff” too – things like metals, harsh chemicals, pesticides, and harmful solvents. Our customers can be certain that they won’t find those things in any Palm Organix™ product.

When you use our products, you can know that you are using a product that has been lab-tested and produced in the United States according to the highest safety and quality standards. Our broad spectrum CBD products are also kosher, gluten-free, vegan, fast-absorbing, and easy to digest. Importantly, we can also promise that they are THC-free.

9 Reasons to Choose Palm Organix™

1. THC-Free

1. THC-Free

We are proud to offer our tinctures in a variety of flavors, including orange, and mint. These broad-spectrum, phytocannabinoid-rich tinctures promote health and overall healing through their natural properties. Our tinctures are high-strength, pure, and 100% free of THC.

2. Premium Quality

2. Premium Quality

From seed to final products our CBD is processed in a GMP certified facility, there are no harsh chemicals, metals, fillers, or pesticides.

3. Rigorous Lab Testing

3. Rigorous Lab Testing

Our products are backed by Certificates of Quality Assurance from our supplier. We then send every batch for independent third party lab testing to ensure quality, consistency, and safety.

4. White Glove Service & Support

4. White Glove Service & Support

We have a top notch customer support team that is available by phone or email to assist with any questions regarding our products or the ordering process.

5. Broad Spectrum

5. Broad Spectrum

Our CBD products contain all the beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids except for THC. These compounds working together produce a synergistic effect. For this reason, many industry experts believe Broad Spectrum to be the best CBD available in the marketplace.

6. Free Shipping

6. Free Shipping

Every order is packaged with care from our inhouse fulfillment center, then shipped out fast and free. You wont need to order more than you need as your orders are filled in real time.

7. Family Owned

7. Family Owned

Although Palm Organix™ is a leading national brand in the CBD market, our company is a family owned and operated. Our founders value each and every customer and stand behind their products.

8. USA Grown Hemp

8. USA Grown Hemp

Our phytocannabinoid-rich hemp is grown in the fertile soil of Colorado, where it is then harvested and processed in accordance with strict guidelines and quality controls.

9. Money-Back Guarantee

9. Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on our CBD products. Should you not be satisfied with your purchase please contact our support team for assistance.

The Palm Organix™ choice is simple. Premium. Pure. Honest. Beneficial. That is our focus, our mission, and our promise to you. We understand our customers, and we know that they turn to us because they want to improve their overall health, wellness, and vitality. We want to meet those expectations. We believe that our customers deserve nothing less.

Not all hemp is the same. It only makes sense that all CBD products aren’t either. At Palm Organix™, we offer a different product. A better product. A more pure product. Our proprietary phytocannabinoid and terpenoid rich strain of hemp are high in potency and purity.

The Palm Organix™ difference begins at the very beginning, with the hemp production process. We source our hemp from Folium Biosciences, a globally recognized leader in hemp oil production and the largest vertically-integrated producer of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids in North America. With its state-of-the-art extraction processes and highly advanced formulations, the ingredients produced at Folium are a cut above the rest. Why is this important to you, our customer? It’s important because it means that the broad spectrum CBD products we sell at Palm Organix™ contain only the best, purest ingredients as well.

Premium Quality CBD Products

When you choose Palm Organix™, you can know that you are using a product that has been lab-tested and produced in the United States according to the highest safety and quality standards. Our products are also gluten-free, fast-absorbing, and some are even vegan and kosher. Most importantly, we can also promise that they are THC-free.
Many people who are considering using CBD products are understandably concerned about THC, the primary psychoactive compound in marijuana. Those customers may have religious reasons, personal concerns, or job-related factors that contribute to a desire not to consume THC. At Palm Organix™, we respect these wishes. And because we do, we can promise our customers that when they purchase our broad spectrum CBD products, they are also purchasing peace of mind. Our products are 100% THC free – and when we say 100%, we mean it. No THC is present, even in low-dose or trace amounts. Our products have the ingredients you want without those that you don’t.

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Visit Our Store at the Palisades Center

As a family owned and operated company, we at Palm Organix™ value our community and we are proud to be a part of it. We’re proud to know our customers and to provide them with needed advice and pure, beneficial products as they begin a journey toward health and wellness that can truly be life-changing. We know that, as a customer, you have many choices. That’s why we appreciate your business. When you choose us, you’re choosing something different. Something pure. Something truly beneficial.

If you are in the area, we would love to have you stop by our store! We are located in the Palisades Center in West Nyack, New York. We carry all of the same products in the store that we have on the website. We'd love the chance to meet you and talk about how our CBD products have helped you. Just take exit 12 off I-287 and drop in, we can't wait to meet you!

But Don't Take Our Word For it - See What Our Customers Say!

Having been very physically active for my entire life (I will be 70 this year), I was discouraged and disappointed when I began to start slowing down.  After starting Palm Organix products I have been able to return to my favorite activities like hiking, biking, playing racquet sports, and workouts in the gym.

- Dr. Harry L. White, Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics

"Whether teaching tennis or competing professionally, Palm Organix™ CBD products keep me in the game, on and off the court. The mint tincture is my favorite and also a great smelling salve."

- Amanda Parson, Professional Tennis Player

"After a hard day of racing or riding, it’s the only thing I look forward to using Palm Organix CBD products."

- Jesse Pierce, Professional Motocross Racer

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